go without

go without
transitive verb phrase
1. (to lack) 
a. pasar sin 
I guess we'll have to go without mustard, but there is ketchup.Supongo que tendremos que pasar sin mostaza, pero sí hay catsup.
You're in a different country, and you'll have to get used to going without certain things.Estás en otro país, y tendrás que conformarte con pasarte sin ciertas cosas.
We went without running water or power for a week after the storm.Pasamos privaciones de luz y agua corriente durante una semana después de la tormenta.
intransitive verb phrase
2. (to live without something) 
Gustavo has had to go without many times in his life, so he's grateful for the things he does have.Gustavo ha tenido que pasar privaciones muchas veces en su vida, así que está agradecido por las cosas que sí tiene.
go without
intransitive verb
1. (general) 
a. pasar privaciones 
they haven't got any, so we'll just have to go withoutno les quedan, así que habrá que apañárselas (sin ellos)
transitive verb phrase
2. (not have) 
a. prescindir de, quedarse sin 
go without
intransitive verb
pasar sin; prescindir de
arreglárselas; pasar
we had a very comfortable childhood, we never had to go without
you'll have to go without tendrás que arreglártelas or pasar sin ello
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