go along

go along
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to go somewhere) 
a. ir 
The others are going swimming. Why don't you go along too?Los otros estan yendo a nadar. ¿Por qué no vas también?
2. (to agree; used with "with") 
Charles doesn't seem to have any opinions of his own. He always goes along with what everyone else says.Parece que Charles no tiene opiniones propias. Siempre está de acuerdo con lo que dicen los demás.
3. (to acquiesce; used with "with") 
a. aceptar 
He only went along with the idea because he thought there was money in it.Solo aceptó la idea porque creyó que sería un buen negocio.
4. (to proceed) 
a. avanzar 
The cows were mooing plaintively as they went along.Las vacas mugían lastimeramente a la medida que avanzaban.
b. ir 
I was going along, minding my own business, when I was stopped by a police officer.Iba de lo más tranquila cuando me detuvo un policía.
5. (to progress) 
a. ir 
Those seedlings I planted out are going along well.Estas plantas de semillero que trasplanté van bien.
b. marchar 
Things were going along just fine without him.Las cosas marchaban muy bien sin él.
c. no direct translation 
It was obvious he didn't know anything about the subject. He just made it up as he went along.Era evidente que no sabía nada del tema. Lo iba inventando mientras hablaba.
Let's get started already. We can sort out any problems as we go along.Empecemos ya. Podemos sortear los problemas sobre la marcha.
go along
intransitive verb
1. (proceed) 
a. avanzar 
to do something as one goes alonghacer algo sobre la marcha
go along
1 (proceed) seguir
I'll tell you as we go along te lo diré de camino; Cordy's having a party, shall we go along? Cordy da una fiesta, ¿vamos?; why don't you go along and see your doctor? ¿por qué no vas al médico?; check as you go along ve corrigiendo sobre la marcha; I'm learning as I go along voy aprendiendo poco a poco; things are going along nicely las cosas marchan bien
to go along with (accompany) acompañar; (agree with) [+person, idea] estar de acuerdo con; we don't go along with that no estamos de acuerdo con eso
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