get out

get out
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to exit) 
a. salir (building) 
I can't get out of the house because the baby is sick.No puedo salir de la casa porque el bebé está enfermo.
b. bajarse (vehicle) 
Jack got out of the car and went to open the door for Mandy.Jack se bajó del coche y pasó a abrirle la puerta a Mandy.
2. (to escape) 
a. salir 
After five years in prison, the criminal got out.Después de cinco años en prisión, el criminal salió libre.
b. escapar 
The dog got out through the back door.El perro se escapó por la puerta de atrás.
3. (to become disclosed) 
a. salir 
When the real story got out, the public was shocked.Cuando salió la verdadera historia, la gente quedó escandalizada.
b. filtrarse 
Despite efforts to keep the deal a secret, the details got out.A pesar de los esfuerzos por mantener el trato en secreto, se filtraron los detalles.
c. saberse 
If information about her illegal business deals gets out, she'll likely be deported.Si la información sobre sus negocios ilegales se sabe, probablemente será deportada.
When the documents got out, his career was finished.Cuando se hicieron públicos los documentos, su carrera se terminó.
transitive verb phrase
4. (to remove) 
a. sacar 
I could see we were lost so I got the map out.Vi que nos habíamos perdido y saqué el mapa.
b. quitar 
If I can get blood stains out of a white T-shirt, I can do anything.Si puedo quitar manchas de sangre de una camiseta blanca, puedo hacer lo que sea.
5. (to cause to leave) 
a. sacar 
I couldn't get him out of the party.No lo pude sacar de la fiesta.
6. (to send) 
a. mandar 
I was able to get an email out to the colonel before we went out of range.Logré mandar un correo electrónico al coronel antes de quedarme sin cobertura.
7. (sports) 
a. eliminar 
The second baseman caught a fly and got the batter out.El hombre de la segunda base atrapó un fly y eliminó al bateador.
8. (to utter) 
a. decir 
Larry was so stunned that he could barely get a word out.Larry estaba tan pasmado que apenas podía decir una palabra.
9. (to send for) (United Kingdom) 
It'll cost a fortune to get a plumber out at this time of night.Va a costar un dineral hacer venir a un plomero a estas horas de la noche.
10. (go away) 
Get out! I don't want to see you!¡Fuera de aquí! ¡No quiero verte!
11. (colloquial) (used to express disbelief) (United States) 
a. dale (colloquial) 
Get out! Carl would never do a thing like that.¡Dale! Carl jamás haría algo así.
b. anda ya (colloquial) (Spain) 
Cameron Diaz came into the restaurant you were in? Get out!¿Que Cameron Diaz entró en el restaurante donde estabas? ¡Anda ya!
get out
transitive verb phrase
1. (tools, books) 
a. sacar 
2. (nail, splinter) 
a. sacar, extraer 
3. (stain) 
a. quitar 
b. sacar () 
intransitive verb
4. (leave) 
a. salir 
5. (news) 
a. filtrarse 
the secret got outse descubrió el secreto
get out
1 (of room) salir; (of country) marcharse; (of vehicle) bajarse; apearse (formal)
get out! ¡fuera de aquí!; get out of the way! ¡apártate!; ¡ponte de un lado!; to get out of bed/one's chair levantarse de la cama/de la silla
she got out of bed
she wanted to get out of teaching quería dejar la enseñanza
she was tired of the fashion world, she wanted to get out I got out while the going was good
the company decided to get out of England la compañía decidió dejar Inglaterra
2 (escape) [+animal] escaparse; [+prisoner] escaparse; fugarse
the sheep got out when someone left the gate open several prisoners managed to get out by bribing the guards
the lion got out of its cage el león se escapó de la jaula; you'll never get out of this one! ¡de esta sí que no te escapas!
3 (be released) [+prisoner] salir
he gets out in six months time
4 (go out) salir
you ought to get out a bit more tendrías que salir un poco más
he only gets out at weekends
5 [+secret] llegarse a saber; [+news] (become public) hacerse público; (leak) filtrarse
if this ever gets out we're done for si esto se llega a saber alguna vez estamos perdidos
transitive verb
1 (remove, bring out) [+object, person, library book, money from bank] sacar; [+tooth] arrancar; [+stain] quitar
get that dog out of here! ¡saque a ese perro de aquí!
get that man out of here! they were trapped in the wreckage of the car and we couldn't get them out to get sb out of jail
I can never get him out of bed in the morning por las mañanas no puedo sacarlo de la cama
I couldn't get the stain out of the tablecloth I must get him out of the habit of ... she got the map out
get the cards out and we'll have a game saca las cartas y echemos una partida; he got his diary out of his pocket se sacó la agenda del bolsillo; I can't get it out of my mind no me lo puedo quitar de la mente or de la cabeza; it gets me out of the house me hace salir de casa
2 (send for) [+doctor, plumber, electrician] llamar
doctors are tired of people getting them out in the middle of the night for minor ailments
3 (send out) [+message] mandar
she was taken prisoner but managed to get a message out through a friend who visited her
4 (pronounce)
I couldn't get the words out no me salían las palabras
/he couldn't get the words out fast enough/ and began to gabble
I'd hardly got the words out of my mouth before she silenced me apenas había empezado a hablar cuando me hizo callar
5 (Cricket) [+batsman] eliminar
he got him out on the second ball
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