drop by

drop by
intransitive verb phrase
1. (colloquial) (to visit) 
a. pasar 
What time are your parents going to drop by?¿A qué hora van a pasar tus padres?
b. pasarse (pronominal verb) 
If you have time, you should drop by this afternoon.Si tienes tiempo, deberías pasarte esta tarde.
c. dejarse caer (colloquial) (pronominal verb) 
Are you home? Carlos and I were thinking of dropping by.¿Estás en casa? Carlos y yo pensábamos dejarnos caer.
transitive verb phrase
2. (colloquial) (to visit) 
a. pasar por 
Sam and Pete dropped by the library to return a book.Sam y Pete pasaron por la biblioteca para devolver un libro.
drop by
intransitive verb
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
I thought I'd d by for a chatse me ocurrió pasarme a charlar or
drop by
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