draw up
transitive verb phrase
1. (to write) 
a. redactar 
Ashley consulted a lawyer to help her draw up her will.Ashley consultó a un abogado para que la ayudara a redactar su testamento.
2. (to bring nearer) 
a. acercar 
How did it go with Joe? - Draw up a chair and I'll tell you all about it.¿Cómo te fue con Joe? - Acerca una silla y te lo cuento todo.
3. (to stand up) 
a. levantar 
Paco drew himself up, in an attempt to intimidate them with his height.Paco se levantó intentando intimidarlos con su estatura.
intransitive verb phrase
4. (to stop) 
a. detenerse 
Andrea walked out to the street when she saw the taxi draw up outside.Andrea salió a la calle cuando vio el taxi detenerse afuera.
b. parar 
The cowboy drew his horse up sharply when he heard a loud noise.El vaquero paró su caballo en seco cuando oyó un ruido fuerte.
draw up
transitive verb phrase
1. (pull) 
a. no direct translation 
to d up a chairacercar una silla
she drew herself up to her full heightse levantó cuan larga era
2. (plan, document, will) 
a. redactar 
intransitive verb
3. (vehicle) 
a. parar, detenerse 
draw up
transitive verb
1 (formulate) [+will, contract] redactar; [+report etc] redactar; preparar; [+plan] elaborar; trazar
2 (move) [+chair] acercar; [+troops] ordenar; disponer
to draw o.s. up (to one's full height) enderezarse; erguirse
3 (raise) levantar; alzar; (from well) [+water] sacar;
[+car etc] detenerse; parar
the car drew up in front of the house
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