1. (prize) 
a. el premio (M) 
The award goes to the student who presents the best dissertation.El premio se otorga al estudiante que presente la mejor tesis.
She received an award for her research on the virus.Recibió un galardón por sus trabajos de investigación sobre el virus.
c. la condecoración (F) (medal) 
He won an award for bravery in the First World War.Le otorgaron una condecoración por su valentía en la Primera Guerra Mundial.
2. (legal) 
a. el fallo (M) 
He is hoping for an award in his favor.Espera que el fallo sea a su favor.
The judge made an award of $200,000 to the plaintiff.El juez concedió una indemnización de 200,000 dólares a la demandante.
3. (act of awarding) 
The university will determine the scholarship award.La universidad determinará la concesión de las becas.
transitive verb
4. (to give) 
a. conceder 
She was awarded second prize in a contest.Le concedieron el segundo premio en un concurso.
b. otorgar 
Not all applicants are awarded a scholarship.No se otorga una beca a todo el que la solicita.
5. (legal) 
a. otorgar (damages) 
The judge awarded damages of $56,000.El juez otorgó una indemnización de 56,000 dólares por daños y perjuicios.
b. adjudicar (contract) 
The contract was awarded to a French company.El contrato fue adjudicado a una empresa francesa.
1. (prize) 
a. el premio (M) 
2. (law) 
a. la indemnización (F) 
transitive verb
3. (prize, contract, damages) 
a. otorgar, conceder 
award [əˈwɔːd]
(prize) premio (m); (Mil) (medal) condecoración (f)
2 (Jur) (ruling) fallo (m); sentencia (f); (sum of money) (punitive) sanción (f); (damages) concesión (f)
a record award for sexual harassment una sanción récord por acoso sexual
they believe the damage award to be one of the largest ever the jury's award of £2.6 million
they are appealing against the award of £350,000 to Violet Bush van a recurrir contra la concesión de £350.000 a Violet Bush
3 (act of awarding) entrega (f); concesión (f)
transitive verb
1 [+prize, medal] conceder; otorgar
the prize is not being awarded this year este año el premio se ha declarado desierto
2 (Jur) [+damages] adjudicar
3 (Dep)
to award a penalty (against sb) pitar or señalar (un) penalti (contra algn); to award sb a penalty conceder un penalti a algn
United were convinced they should have been awarded a penalty in the 77th minute
award(s) ceremony (n) ceremonia (f) de entrega de premios
I invite you to attend the Award Ceremony on May 12th at which Her Royal Highness the Princess will present a medal and certificate
award winner (n) premiadoapremiada (m) (f);a premiada galardonadoagalardonada (m) (f);a galardonada
Award-winners or not, all these writers were chosen because their work spoke and sparked
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