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1. (weary)
a. cansado
Tired teens can find it difficult to concentrate and learn.Los adolescentes cansados pueden tener dificultades para concentrarse y aprender.
2. (hackneyed)
a. manido
Your jokes are tired; you need to write something new.Tus chistes son manidos; necesitas escribir algo nuevo.
1. cansado(a), fatigado(a)
  • to be tired estar cansado(a) or fatigado(a)
  • to be tired of (doing) something estar cansado(a) de (hacer) algo
  • a tired old cliché (sentido figurado) un lugar común muy manido
tired [ˈtaɪəd]
1 [+person, eyes] cansado; [+voice] cansino
to be/feel tired estar/sentirse cansado; my legs/eyes are tired tengo las piernas cansadas/los ojos cansados
my legs are tired, I need a sitdown his eyes were tired
to get tired cansarse
to look tired tener cara de cansancio
to be tired of sb/sth estar cansado or aburrido de algn/algo
to get or grow tired of (doing) sth cansarse or aburrirse de (hacer) algo
to be tired out estar agotado or rendido
By the time we got there, we were tired out
2 (worn-out) [+coat] raído; gastado; [+car, chair] cascado; [+cliché, ritual, excuse] manido; trillado
a tired lettuce leaf una hoja de lechuga mustia; it's a tired old cliché es un tópico muy manido or trillado
it's a tired old ritual \which has no place in a modern society\
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