"tirarse" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to throw (lanzar)
  • tirar algo a algo/alguien -> to throw something to something/somebody (para que lo agarre) to throw something at something/somebody (para hacer daño)
  • tírame una manzana -> throw me an apple
2. to drop (dejar caer) (objeto) ; to spill (líquido)
3. to knock over (derribar) (botella, lámpara) ; to knock down (muro, edificio)
4. to throw away (desechar)
  • tirar algo a la basura -> to throw something away
  • eso es tirar el dinero -> that's a complete waste of money
5. to fire (disparar) (bala, misil) ; to drop (bomba) ; to let off (petardo, cohete) ; to shoot (dardo, flecha)
  • tirar una foto -> to take a picture
6. to play (jugar) (carta) ; to throw (dado)
7. to take (sport) (falta, penalti) ; to pass (balón)
  • tirar a gol -> to shoot, to have a shot at goal
8. to print (imprimir)
9. to fail (informal) (suspender) , to flunk (United States)
intransitive verb
10. (estirar, arrastrar)
  • tirar (de algo) -> to pull (something)
  • la chaqueta me tira de atrás -> the jacket's a bit tight at the back
11. to shoot (disparar)
  • tirar a matar -> to shoot to kill
12. to have a pull (informal) (atraer)
  • me tira la vida del campo -> I feel drawn toward life in the country
  • tirar de algo -> to attract something
13. to draw (cigarrillo, chimenea)
14. to go, to work (informal) (funcionar)
15. to go, to head (dirigirse)
  • tira por esa calle -> go up o take that street
16. to (have one's) go (jugar)
17. to kick (sport) (con el pie) ; to throw (con la mano) ; to shoot (a meta, canasta)
18. (informal)
  • ir tirando -> to get by (apañárselas)
  • voy tirando -> I'm O.K., I've been worse
19. to last (durar)
20. (parecerse)
  • tira a gris -> it's grayish
  • tira a su abuela -> she takes after her grandmother
  • tirando a -> approaching, not far from
21. (informal) (hacer uso)
  • tirar de algo -> to use something
  • hubo que tirar de los ahorros -> we had to draw on our savings
22. (tender)
  • tirar para algo -> to have the makings of something (persona)
  • este programa tira a (ser) hortera -> this program is a bit on the tacky side
  • el tiempo tira a mejorar -> the weather looks as if it's getting better
pronomial verb
1. to dive (lanzarse) (al agua) (a into); to jump (a into)
  • tirarse sobre alguien (al aire) -> to jump on top of somebody
  • tirarse de -> to jump from; to jump down from; (para bajar) to throw oneself from (para matarse)
2. to stretch out (tumbarse)
  • tirarse en el suelo -> to stretch out on the ground
3. to spend (informal) (pasar tiempo)
  • se tiraba todo el día viendo la tele -> she'd be in front of the telly all day long, she'd spend the whole day in front of the telly
4. (muy informal) (sexualmente)
  • tirarse a alguien -> to lay somebody

tirar [te-rar’]
article & verb transitive & verb neuter
1. To throw (lanzar), to cast, to dart, to fling; to toss.
2. To imitate, to resemble.
3. To attract (imán), to draw towards one.
4. To incline to, to tend (tender).
5. To hurt, to injure, to thwart.
6. To tug, to pull (objeto); to draw.
7. To discharge firearms, to fire, to let off.
8. To persuade, to induce, or lend by compulsion.
9. To earn, to acquire, to gain, or become entitled to.
10. To continue in the same state without declining from it.
  • El enfermo va tirando -> the invalid is pulling through
11. To enlarge, to extend.
12. To lavish.
13. To print sheets. (Printing)
14. To draw metal into slender threads.
15. V.
16. To receive or take an allotted part.
17. To direct one’s course, to take the road.
  • Tire Vd -> por este camino, take this way
  • Tire Vd -> a la derecha, turn to the right
18. To tend, to aim at (proponerse); to make use of means and direct them to some end.
  • Tirar a la mar -> (Naut.) To throw overboard; to stand out to sent
  • A todo tirar -> to the utmost, to the greatest extent
  • Tira y afloja -> (1) a boyish game
19. Met.) last and loose, blowing hot and cold, ordering and counter-ordering.
  • Tirarlas de guapo or de rico -> to claim (presume on being) to be pretty, or rich
  • El viento ha tirado la valla -> the wind has knocked the fence down
  • Has tirado el dinero comprando eso -> you've thrown your money away buying that
  • Este vestido tira un poco de aquí -> this dress is a bit tight here
  • No le tira el estudio -> study does not attract him
  • Tirar a su padre -> to take after one’s father
  • Tira tú ahora -> it's your go now
verb reflexive
20. To throw oneself (lanzarse).
  • Tirarse por la ventana -> to throw oneself out of the window

Para las expresiones como tirar de la lengua, tirar de la manta, tirar por la borda, tirar por tierra, ver la otra entrada.
1 (lanzar) to throw
tiró un papel por la ventanilla he threw a piece of paper out of the window; tirar algo a algn (para que lo coja) to throw sth to sb; (para hacer daño) to throw sth at sb; tírame la pelota throw me the ball; les tiraban piedras a los soldados they were throwing stones at the soldiers; me tiró un beso she blew me a kiss
2 (derribar) [+edificio] to pull down; [+jarrón, silla, estatua] to knock over; [+pared, verja] to knock down
van a tirar la casa they are going to demolish o pull down the house; la moto la tiró al suelo the motorbike knocked her over; el viento ha tirado la valla the wind has knocked the fence down; ¡abre, o tiro la puerta abajo! open up, or I'll break the door down!
estaban tirando la fruta con palos largos
3 (dejar caer) to drop
tropezó y tiró la bandeja she tripped and dropped the tray; han tirado muchas bombas en la capital many bombs have been dropped on the capital
¡que lo tiras!
4 (desechar) to throw away
no tires las sobras, que se las voy a dar al perro don't throw away the leftovers, I'll give them to the dog
hay que tirar los podridos
tira las sobras a la basura throw the leftovers in the bin; no tires el aceite por el sumidero don't tip o pour the oil down the drain; estos pantalones están para tirarlos these trousers have had it; these trousers are about ready for the dustbin; no hay que tirar la comida you shouldn't waste food
5 (malgastar) [+dinero] to waste; [+fortuna] to squander
has tirado el dinero comprando eso it was a waste of money buying that; you wasted your money buying that
6 (disparar) [+tiro] to fire; [+flecha] to shoot; [+cohete] to launch; fire
el aparato tira el proyectil a 2.000m the machine throws the projectile 2,000m
7 [+foto] to take
8 (dar, pegar)
deja ya de tirar patadas stop kicking; la mula le tiró una coz the mule kicked him o gave him a kick
tirar una coz a algn
¡mamá, Carlos me ha tirado un mordisco! Carlos has bitten me, Mum!
tirar un mordisco a algn
9 (Tipografía) (imprimir) to print; run off
10 (trazar) [+línea] to draw; trace
11 (suspender)
ya me han vuelto a tirar en química I've failed chemistry again; I've flunked chemistry again (familiar); especialmente (EEUU)
12 (And) (usar) to use
to work with
tirar brazo to swim
13 (And) (Caribe) (S. Cone) (acarrear) to cart; haul; transport
tirarla de (dárselas de) to fancy oneself as; pose as
1 (haciendo fuerza) (traer hacia sí) to pull
¡tira un poco más fuerte! pull a bit harder!
tirar de [+soga, cuerda] to pull
tire de ese cabo pull that end; ¡no le tires de la trenza a tu hermana! don't pull your sister's pigtail!; tirar de la cadena (del wáter) to flush the toilet; pull the chain; tirar de la manga a algn to tug at sb's sleeve
tirar (España) (en puerta etc) pull
tire (Latinoamérica) (en puerta etc) pull
(llevar tras sí)
tirar de to pull
un burro tiraba de la carreta a donkey was pulling the cart along; the cart was drawn by a donkey; los niños tiraban del trineo the children were pulling the sledge along
2 (atraer)
no le tira el estudio studying does not appeal to him; studying holds no attraction for him; la patria tira siempre one's native land always exerts a powerful pull
3 (estar tirante) [+ropa] to be tight
este vestido tira un poco de aquí this dress is a bit tight here; me tira de sisa it's tight round my armpits
4 (usar)
tirar de [+espada, navaja] to draw
tiraron de cuchillos they drew their knives; tiramos de diccionario y lo traducimos en un minuto if we use a dictionary it will just take a minute to translate
siempre tirando de talonario
5 (disparar) to shoot
¡no tires! don't shoot!; tirar con bala to use live ammunition
tirar al blanco to aim
tirar a matar to shoot to kill
los guardas tiraban a matar the guards were shooting to kill; mi jefa es de las que tiran a matar my boss is the sort of person who goes for the kill
6 (Dep) (con balón) to shoot; (con fichas, cartas etc) to go; play
¡tira! shoot!; tiró fuera de la portería he shot wide of the goal; tira tú ahora it's your go now
tirar a puerta (España) to shoot at goal
decidió tirar a puerta cuando Romario se encontraba mucho mejor situado en la jugada del gol en ningún momento intenté tirar a puerta en este Mundial no ha sido capaz de tirar a puerta con peligro alguno
7 (arreglárselas) to get by
podemos tirar con menos dinero we can get by on less money; ir tirando to get by; manage; —¿qué tal esa salud? —vamos tirando "how's your health?" — "we're getting by"
8 (funcionar) [+motor] to pull; [+chimenea, puro] to draw; pull
el motor no tira the engine isn't pulling
arrancamos, metemos primera, segunda y el motor tira" de tal forma que no se nota su fin
esta moto no tira there's no life in this motorbike
9 (ir) to go
tire usted adelante go straight on; ¡tira de una vez! get on with it!; go on, then!; tirar a la derecha to turn right; tirar por una calle to turn down a street; go off along a street
10 (durar) to last
esos zapatos tirarán todavía otro invierno those shoes will last another winter yet
11 (seguido de preposición)
tirar a (tender)
tiene el pelo rubio tirando a rojizo he has reddish blond hair; es mediocre tirando a malo it's middling to bad; it's mediocre verging on bad
una periodista mediocre tirando a mala muchacho introvertido y ausente, tirando a tímido una niña bien, tirando a tonta un rubio tirando a rojizo, de estatura media y tirando a alto es introvertido, tirando a tímido
tira más bien a cuidadoso he's on the careful side; tira a su padre he takes after his father
tirar a rojo tirar a viejo tira a hacerse servir
tirar para (aspirar a ser)
la pequeña tira para actriz the little girl has ambitions of becoming an actress; tira para médico he's attracted towards a career in medicine
a todo tirar at the most
nos queda gasolina para 20km a todo tirar we have only enough petrol for 20kms at the most o at the outside; llegará el martes a todo tirar he'll arrive on Tuesday at the latest
13 (Latinoamérica) (sexualmente) to screw (vulgar)
1 (lanzarse) to throw o.s.
tirarse al suelo to throw o.s. to the ground; tirarse por una ventana to jump from o out of a window; throw o.s. out of a window; tirarse por un precipicio to throw o.s. over a cliff
tirarse al agua (gen) to plunge into the water; (de cabeza) to dive o plunge into the water
tirarse en la cama to lie down in bed
tirarse en paracaídas to parachute (down); (en emergencia) to bale out
tirarse sobre algn to rush at sb; spring on sb
2 (pasar) to spend
se tiró dos horas arreglándolo he spent two hours fixing it; me tiré mucho tiempo haciéndolo I spent a lot of time doing it; it took me a long time to do it
3 (expeler)
tirarse un eructo to burp (familiar); belch; break wind; tirarse un pedo to fart (muy_familiar)
tirarse a algn (sexualmente) to screw sb (vulgar); lay sb (muy_familiar)
5 (irse)
tirarse a otra parte to clear off somewhere else (familiar)

Verb Conjugations for "tirar" (go to to pull; to throw)


yo me tiro me tiré me tiraba me tiraría me tiraré
te tiras te tiraste te tirabas te tirarías te tirarás
él/ella/Ud. se tira se tiró se tiraba se tiraría se tirará
nosotros nos tiramos nos tiramos nos tirábamos nos tiraríamos nos tiraremos
vosotros os tiráis os tirasteis os tirabais os tiraríais os tiraréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. se tiran se tiraron se tiraban se tirarían se tirarán
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