1. (end) 
a. la punta (F) 
He showed me the tip of his tongue.Él me enseñó la punta de su lengua.
2. (gratuity) 
The waiter received a big tip.El mesero recibió una buena propina.
3. (useful information) 
She gave me some baking tips.Ella me dio algunos consejos para hornear.
4. (metal or rubber piece) 
My grandfather's cane had a metal tip.El bastón de mi abuelo tenía una contera de metal.
Spears usually have metal tips. Las lanzas suelen tener regatones de metal.
5. (place for garbage) (United Kingdom) 
These men take all the rubbish to the tip.Estos hombres llevan toda la basura al basurero.
All the city's garbage goes to the tip.La basura de toda la ciudad va al vertedero.
transitive verb
6. (to give gratuity for service) 
We tipped the waitress 15 percent. Le dimos 15 por ciento de propina a la mesera.
7. (to change position) 
a. inclinar 
The boy tipped his glass and spilled some milk.El niño inclinó su vaso y derramó un poco de leche.
8. (betting) 
He is good at tipping the winner in each race.Él es bueno para pronosticar al campeón de cada carrera.
intransitive verb
9. (to tilt) 
When I bumped into the ladder, it tipped but didn't fall.Cuando me golpée contra la escalera, se inclinó pero no se cayó.
b. ladearse 
The wind was so strong the electricity pole tilted.El viento era tan fuerte que el poste de electricidad se ladeó.
10. (to dump waste) (United Kingdom) 
Tipping is forbidden in the park.Está prohibido tirar basura en el parque.
You can be fined for tipping.Te pueden multar por tirar escombros.
c. botar basura (Latin America) 
People keep tipping on the streets in spite of campaigns.La gente sigue botando basura en las calles a pesar de las campañas.
d. botar escombros (Latin America) 
The street corner is no place for tipping.La esquina no es lugar para botar escombros.
11. (to give gratuity for service) 
Some people think tipping is wrong and refuse to do it.Algunas personas piensan que dar propina está mal y se rehúsan a hacerlo.
1. (for rubbish) (United Kingdom) 
a. el vertedero (M) 
2. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
this room's a tip!¡esta habitación es una pocilga!
transitive verb
3. (pour) 
a. verter 
to tip the scales at 95 kgpesar 95 kg
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to tip the scales or balance (in somebody's favor)inclinar la balanza (a favor de alguien)
tip [tɪp]
1 (end) [of knife, paintbrush, finger, nose] punta (f); [of shoe, boot] puntera (f)
of country, land I've broken the tip of my pencil brushes with thin, pointed tips are good for finer detail and lines, and those with flat, wide tips are better for filling in large areas would you prefer your ballpoint with a fine tip or a medium tip? she rubbed the tip of her nose his hands were covered to the tips of his fingers pinch out the tips of the stems to induce side shoots to form he tested the temperature of the water with the tip of his toe she cleared away the leaves with the tip of her walking stick I just managed to reach him with the tip of my stick he had a metal tip on his cane she poked things with the tip of her walking stick she could just make out the lighted tip of his cigarette
he stood on the tips of his toes se puso de puntillas; he touched it with the tip of his toe lo tocó con la punta del pie; from tip to toe de pies a cabeza; the southern tip of Florida el extremo sur de Florida
it's only the tip of the iceberg no es más que la punta del iceberg
the tip of the [iceberg] on the tip of sb's [tongue]
I had it or it was on the tip of my tongue lo tenía en la punta de la lengua
I've got it on it's on the tip of my tongue it was on the tip of my tongue to tell her what I thought of her
2 (protective piece) [of umbrella] contera (f)
3 (filter) [of cigarette] filtro (m)
tip [tɪp]
1 (rubbish dump) vertedero (m); basurero (m); basural (m); (LAm) tiradero(s) (m)
; (p) (Méx)
I took a load of rubbish and grass cuttings to the tip
2 (Britain) (mess)
this room is a tip este cuarto es una pocilga (informal)
transitive verb
1 (tilt) inclinar
he tipped the soup bowl towards him inclinó el cuenco de sopa hacia sí; to tip sb off their seat quitar a algn de su asiento (inclinándolo); tip the cat off the chair inclina un poco la silla para que se baje el gato
tip the cat off the chair and sit yourself down he tipped the rim of his hat over his eyes
to tip one's hat to sb saludar a algn con el sombrero or ladeando el sombrero
the driver tipped his hat to her to tip sth [towards] sth/sb the north pole is slightly tipped towards the sun
to tip the balance or scales (in sb's favour/against sb) inclinar la balanza (a favor de algn/en contra de algn)
today's slightly shorter race could help to tip the scales in his favour if the trial were evenly poised, the papers might tip the balance against them to tip the [scales] at 80kg he tips the scales at 100kg he tipped the scales at a hundred and sixty pounds she tipped the scales at 22 stones before her diet, and looked much older than her 31 years to tip one's hand > one's mitt > >
to tip sb over the edge (into insanity) sumir algn en la locura
another shock like that could well tip him over the edge a single ??? may have damaged her already vulnerable psyche and tipped her over the edge into agoraphobia Was this what had tipped her over the edge into a madness
2 (pour)
to tip sth [into] sth
to tip sth into sth: tip the vegetables into a bowl eche las verduras en un cuenco; they tip the rubbish into the river vierten or tiran la basura en el río; he tipped some sweets into her hand le echó unos caramelos en la mano
she tipped the remains of her lunch into the bin he tipped the contents of the rucksack [onto] the floor Claude pulled the bag out of his pocket and tipped a pile of raisins into her hand to tip sth [out of] sth he tipped the water out of the bucket
she tipped her things out of the suitcase volcó la maleta y sacó sus cosas
to tip sth [over] sth/sb she tipped the stew over his head she tipped wine all over the carpet basket, bowl, box they heaved baskets of coal off rail-trucks and tipped them into lorries Len tipped the tray of memos over his colleague and went out the costs of tipping rubbish in landfills
intransitive verb
1 (incline) inclinarse; ladearse
a young boy is standing on a stool and the stool is about to tip
(topple) (also tip over) volcarse; voltearse; (LAm)
2 (dump rubbish) tirar or botar basura; (LAm)
how do you stop people tipping?
no tipping prohibido arrojar basura
it's tipping (down) está diluviando (informal)
it's tipping down outside
tip away
transitive verb
tirar; botar; (LAm)
tip away the dishwater tip away the salt and wipe the pan
tip back
transitive verb
[+chair] inclinar hacia atrás; [+one's head] echar hacia atrás
he tipped his chair back to look at her she had to tip her head back to see him
[+chair] inclinarse hacia atrás
tip forward
tip forwards
transitive verb
inclinar hacia delante
the white chairs were tipped forward against the round tables
[+seat] inclinarse hacia delante
the front seats tip forward to allow access to the back of the car
tip out
transitive verb
[+contents] verter; [+container] vaciar
he tipped out the contents of the box to tip out the contents of a box she was tipping out the wastepaper basket he tipped out the suitcase onto the bed all the passengers were tipped out
tip over
[+chair, vehicle] volcar; volcarse; voltearse; (LAm)
watch out that the chair doesn't tip over I thought the car might tip over the lorry sank to its axles in mud and began to tip over Baby walkers have been known to tip over, and there are stories of children that have fallen down stairs or into blazing fires while using them
transitive verb
he tipped the table over in front of us the toddler somehow tipped his buggy over
tip up
[+seat] levantarse; [+lorry] bascular;
transitive verb
[+chair] levantar; alzar; [+container] volcar
she tipped up her chin defiantly alzó la barbilla con gesto desafiante
He stood, holding the railing and watching Randall's happy, empty face tipped up at him the silly vain look in his tipped up face, irritated Alexis extremely the tall lanky fellow in khakis, his chin tipped up Fancy tipped up her chin defiantly and decided not to listen Between us we manoeuvred the receptacle outside. I tipped up my end too sharply and a deluge poured over the bottom of Eleanor's dressing gown instead of down the drain he tipped up the bottle and poured the contents into his open mouth Her other arm encircled my legs, tipping me up into a horizontal position can you tip up your chair for a second to let me past?
tip [tɪp]
1 (gratuity) propina (f)
it was clear he wasn't expecting a tip
to give sb a tip dar una propina a algn
I gave the taxi driver a tip Most restaurants now include the tip in the price of the meal
to leave (sb) a tip dejar propina (a algn)
we can always leave her tip with the manager to [leave] sb a tip to leave a tip [for] sb why not leave the tip forr the chambermaid on the dressing-table?
2 (hint) consejo (m); (Racing) (Gambling) pronóstico (m)
a top tip from a DIY expert he consulted books by well-known tennis players for tips on basic techniques another useful tip is to wash walls before painting tips for busy managers a good tip is to buy the most expensive lens you can afford what's your tip for the Derby? United are still my tip for the Title
to give sb a tip dar un consejo a algn; let me give you a tip déjame que te dé un consejo
can you give me any tips on making pancakes?
take a tip from an old friend and leave well alone acepta un consejo de un viejo amigo y mantente bien alejado
if you take my tip
a hot tip (Racing) (Gambling) un pronóstico fiable
transitive verb
1 [+driver, waiter] dar una propina a
she tipped the barman ten dollars le dio diez dólares de propina or una propina de diez dólares al barman; I never know how much to tip nunca sé cuánto dar de propina
to tip sb generously I tipped the chauffeur he tipped the waiter 5 francs
2 (Racing) (Gambling)
to tip the winner pronosticar quién va a ganar; her horse was tipped to win se pronosticaba que su caballo sería el ganador
he tipped the last two winners he's tipping Blue Streak for the 3.30 he tipped England to win the European Championship he was tipped to succeed Mrs Thatcher he is tipped to be the country's next foreign minister
they are tipped to win the next election son los favoritos para ganar las próximas elecciones; he is already being tipped as a future prime minister ya se habla de él como de un futuro primer ministro
to be tipped as sth these two men are widely tipped as future contestants for the leadership \they were tipped as potential medal winners\ but finished a disappointing fifteenth he is being tipped [for] the job one of the men tipped [for] the job is Brian Briers he was widely tipped for success she has been tipped for the lead role in Stone's next movie this is a man hotly tipped for promotion to tip sb the wink (about sth) someone must have tipped him the wink about the police raid I'll tip you the wink when it's safe to come in te daré de ojo para que sepas que puedes entrar
intransitive verb
(give gratuity) dar propina
there's no need to tip a lot of people seem to panic when deciding how much to tip
tip off
transitive verb
(forewarn) (gen) avisar; [+police] dar el soplo a (informal); dar el chivatazo a (informal); (Esp)
the police had been tipped off a la policía le habían dado el soplo or el chivatazo (informal); la policía había recibido un soplo (informal)
the burglars were tipped off by a lookout and escaped Greg tipped police off on his car phone about a suspect drunk driver He was arrested two days later after a friend tipped off the FBI someone must have tipped off the police about the plan
tip [tɪp]
(tap) golpecito (m)
he gave the ball a tip with his bat
transitive verb
(tap, touch) tocar ligeramente
Corona tipped the fence as she jumped over it he tipped the ball with his bat
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is the tip included
está incluida la propina
leave a tip
dejar propina
tip over
el hisopo
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