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1. inclinación (f) (angle)
2. (speed)
  • at full tilt a toda marcha
transitive verb
3. inclinar (also sentido figurado)
  • to tilt one's head inclinar la cabeza
intransitive verb
4. inclinarse (incline)
  • to tilt forward/backward inclinarse hacia delante/hacia atrás
  • to tilt at windmills arremeter contra molinos de viento
tilt [tɪlt]
1 (slant) inclinación (f)
the tilt of the earth's axis la inclinación del eje de la Tierra; the tilt of his head when he listened la inclinación or el ladeo de su cabeza cuando escuchaba; a tilt in the balance of power un cambio en el equilibrio del poder
a national tilt away from the Republicans
to give sth a tilt inclinar algo; ladear algo; on/at a tilt inclinado; ladeado
2 (Hist) torneo (m); justa (f)
(at) full tilt a toda velocidad or carrera; to run full tilt into a wall dar de lleno contra una pared; to have a tilt at arremeter contra
transitive verb
inclinar; ladear
tilt it this way/the other way inclínalo hacia este/el otro lado; he tilted his chair back inclinó la silla hacia atrás
intransitive verb
1 (lean) inclinarse; ladearse
to tilt to one side inclinarse hacia un lado; he tilted back in his chair se recostó en la silla; to tilt over (lean) inclinarse; (fall) volcarse; caer; a lorry that tilts up un camión basculante or que bascula
2 (Hist) justar
to tilt against arremeter contra
Verb Conjugations for inclinar
Gerund: inclinando
Participle: inclinado
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