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masculine noun
1. tiger (animal)
  • los tigres económicos del sudeste asiático the tiger economies of South-East Asia
  • oler a tigre (informal figurative) to stink
2. bog (informal) (WC) (peninsular SpanishBr), john (United States)
3. jaguar (jaguar) (Am)
1 (Zoología) tiger; (Latinoamérica) jaguar
tigre de Bengala Bengal tiger
tigre de colmillo de sable sabre-toothed tiger
tigre de papel paper tiger
2 (And) (café) black coffee with a dash of milk; (combinado) cocktail
3 (wáter) bog (muy_familiar); loo (familiar); john (muy_familiar); (EEUU)
esto huele a tigre this stinks; this smells foul
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