"tiende" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to hang out (ropa)
2. to lay (out) (tumbar)
  • lo tendieron en una camilla -> they laid him out on a stretcher
3. to stretch (out) (extender, colocar) (manta) ; to spread (mantel) ; to set, to lay (mesa) (Am) ; to make (cama) (Am)
4. to lay (entre dos puntos) (cable, vía) ; to build (puente) ; to stretch (cuerda)
5. to hand (dar) (cosa) ; to hold out, to offer (mano)
  • tender la mano a alguien -> to hold out one's hand to somebody, to offer somebody one's hand (extender la mano)
6. to lay (trampa, emboscada)
intransitive verb
  • tender a hacer algo -> to tend to do something
  • tender a la depresión -> to be prone to depression
  • un azul que tiende a violeta -> a blue which is almost violet
pronomial verb
1. to stretch out, to lie down

tender [ten-derr']
article & verb transitive
1. To stretch or stretch out (estirar), to unfold, to expand, to spread out (extender, desplegar); to distend.
verb neuter
2. To direct, to tend, to refer a thing to some end or object. (n)
  • Las plantas tienden a la luz -> plants grow towards the light
  • Ella tiende al pesimismo -> she has a tendency to be pessimistic
verb reflexive
3. To stretch oneself at full length (echarse).
4. In card-playing, to throw all the cards upon the table (naipes).

1 (extender) [+herido, paciente] to lay; [+mantel] to spread
lo tendieron en la cama they laid him on the bed; tendieron el cadáver sobre el suelo they laid the corpse out on the floor; tendí la toalla sobre la arena I spread the towel (out) on the sand
2 (colgar) [+ropa] to hang out; [+cuerda] to stretch
3 (alargar) [+lápiz, libro] to hold out
me tendió la mano he stretched o held out his hand to me
4 [+trampa] to set; lay
le tendieron una trampa they set o laid a trap for him; nos han tendido una emboscada we've been ambushed
5 (construir) [+puente, ferrocarril] to build; [+cable, vía] to lay
6 (Latinoamérica)
tender la cama to make the bed; tender la mesa to lay the table; set the table
7 [+arco] to draw
tender a hacer algo to tend to do sth; en octubre las temperaturas tienden a bajar temperatures tend to fall in October; las prendas de lana tienden a encoger woollen clothes tend to shrink
tender a algo to tend to o towards sth; tiende al egocentrismo she tends to self-centredness; la inflación tiende al alza the trend is for inflation to go up; el color tiende a verde the colour is verging on o has a tendency towards green; las plantas tienden a la luz plants grow o turn towards the light
1 (acostarse) to lie down; stretch (o.s.) out
2 [+caballo] to run at full gallop
3 (Naipes) to lay down
4 (despreocuparse) to give up; let things go

Verb Conjugations for "tender" (go to to lay; to stretch; to hang out)


yo tiendo tendí tendía tendería tenderé
tiendes tendiste tendías tenderías tenderás
él/ella/Ud. tiende tendió tendía tendería tenderá
nosotros tendemos tendimos tendíamos tenderíamos tenderemos
vosotros tendéis tendisteis tendíais tenderíais tenderéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. tienden tendieron tendían tenderían tenderán
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