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transitive verb
1. (to suspend)
a. to hang
Si tiendes la ropa en el tendedero, estará seca por la mañana.If you hang the clothing on the clothesline, it will be dry by morning.
2. (to place)
a. to lay out
Tendimos todas las muestras para que pudiéramos escoger la mejor opción.We laid out all of the samples so that we could choose the best one.
3. (to reach)
a. to approach
Ten cuidado, tiendes a los límites de velocidad en esta carretera.Be careful, you are approaching the speed limit on this road.
4. (to extend)
a. to stretch out
Tenderemos la pancarta para que alcance los dos pilares.We will stretch out the banner so that it reaches both pillars.
5. (to arrange)
a. to set (table)
Los niños tendían la mesa mientras sus padres preparaban la comida.The children set the table while their parents prepared the meal.
b. to make (bed)
Espero que estés tendiendo tu cama antes de bajar a desayunar. I hope you are making your bed before coming down to eat breakfast.
6. (to pass)
a. to hand
Le tendió el frasco a su hermano para que pudiera tratar de abrirlo.He handed the jar to his brother so that he could try to open it.
b. to offer
¿Me tiendes una mano al cruzar la calle?Would you offer me a hand crossing the street?
intransitive verb
7. (to be inclined)
a. to tend
Tendemos a comprar productos orgánicos por razones de salud.We tend to buy organic products for health reasons.
reflexive verb
8. (to recline)
a. to lie down
Tan pronto como llegue a casa, voy a tenderme y relajarme un rato.As soon as I get home, I'm going to lie down and relax for a while.
9. (to sprawl out)
a. to stretch out
El perro se tendió por toda la cama, por lo que no había espacio para mí.The dog stretched out across the entire bed so there was no room for me.
transitive verb
1. to hang out (ropa)
2. to lay (out) (tumbar)
  • lo tendieron en una camilla they laid him out on a stretcher
3. to stretch (out) (extender, colocar) (manta) ; to spread (mantel) ; to set, to lay (mesa) (Am) ; to make (cama) (Am)
4. to lay (entre dos puntos) (cable, vía) ; to build (puente) ; to stretch (cuerda)
5. to hand (dar) (cosa) ; to hold out, to offer (mano)
  • tender la mano a alguien to hold out one's hand to somebody, to offer somebody one's hand (extender la mano)
6. to lay (trampa, emboscada)
intransitive verb
  • tender a hacer algo to tend to do something
  • tender a la depresión to be prone to depression
  • un azul que tiende a violeta a blue which is almost violet
pronominal verb
1. to stretch out, to lie down
transitive verb
1 (extender) [+herido, paciente] to lay; [+mantel] to spread
lo tendieron en la cama they laid him on the bed; tendieron el cadáver sobre el suelo they laid the corpse out on the floor; tendí la toalla sobre la arena I spread the towel (out) on the sand
2 (colgar) [+ropa] to hang out; [+cuerda] to stretch
3 (alargar) [+lápiz, libro] to hold out
me tendió la mano he stretched o held out his hand to me
4 [+trampa] to set; lay
le tendieron una trampa they set o laid a trap for him; nos han tendido una emboscada we've been ambushed
5 (construir) [+puente, ferrocarril] to build; [+cable, vía] to lay
6 (Latinoamérica)
tender la cama to make the bed; tender la mesa to lay the table; set the table
7 [+arco] to draw
intransitive verb
tender a hacer algo to tend to do sth; en octubre las temperaturas tienden a bajar temperatures tend to fall in October; las prendas de lana tienden a encoger woollen clothes tend to shrink
tender a algo to tend to o towards sth; tiende al egocentrismo she tends to self-centredness; la inflación tiende al alza the trend is for inflation to go up; el color tiende a verde the colour is verging on o has a tendency towards green; las plantas tienden a la luz plants grow o turn towards the light
pronominal verb
1 (acostarse) to lie down; stretch (o.s.) out
2 [+caballo] to run at full gallop
3 (Naipes) to lay down
4 (despreocuparse) to give up; let things go
Verb Conjugations for tender
Gerund: tendiendo
Participle: tendido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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