tie up

tie up
transitive verb phrase
1. (to bind) 
a. atar 
The robbers tied up the bank clerk before making their getaway.Los ladrones ataron a la empleada del banco antes de escapar.
b. amarrar 
Two masked men tied the family up before stealing jewelry and money from the house.Dos hombres enmascarados amarraron a la familia antes de robar joyas y dinero de la casa.
2. (to fasten) 
a. atar 
Could you tie up my shoelaces for me, please?¿Me puedes atar los cordones?
b. atarse 
My sister taught me to tie up my shoelaces.Mi hermana me enseñó a atarme los cordones.
3. (to secure wrapping of) 
a. atar 
If you're mailing a parcel, make sure you tie it up securely.Si mandas por correo algún paquete, asegúrate de que lo hayas atado bien.
b. amarrar 
The box was tied up with a red ribbon.La caja estaba amarrada con una cinta roja.
4. (nautical) 
a. amarrar 
Robert hadn't tied the dinghy up properly, and it came loose and was carried away with the tide.Como Robert no había amarrado bien el bote, se soltó y se lo llevó la marea.
5. (to leave attached) 
a. atar 
I wouldn't tie your dog up outside a store; it could be stolen.Más vale no atar al perro a la puerta de una tienda; te lo podrían robar.
b. amarrar 
The dog was tied up at the entrance to the bank.El perro estaba amarrado a la entrada del banco.
6. (to finalize) 
a. cerrar 
The police had wanted to tie up the case quickly, but it proved more complicated than expected.La policía quería cerrar rápidamente el caso, pero resultó ser más complicado de lo que se esperaba.
b. concluir 
It could take us a long time to tie up this deal.Podría llevarnos bastante tiempo concluir este acuerdo.
7. (finance) 
I don't want to tie my money up for more than three years; I might need it.No quiero inmovilizar el dinero durante más de tres años; puede que me haga falta.
b. invertir 
I can't lend you so much money; what I have is tied up in government securities.No te puedo prestar tanto dinero; lo que tengo está invertido en bonos del Estado.
8. (to make inaccessible) 
Adele's parents wanted to tie up the inheritance so that her husband couldn't touch it.Los padres de Adele querían inmovilizar la herencia para que su marido no la pudiera tocar.
9. (to snarl up) (United States) 
a. paralizar 
An accident had tied up traffic on the freeway.Un accidente había paralizado el tráfico en la autopista.
10. (to link) 
a. no direct translation 
I think this problem is tied up with the changes we introduced recently.Creo que este problema está vinculado con los cambios que introdujimos recientemente.
Susan's fear of failure is tied up with a painful incident that happened when she was young.El temor al fracaso de Susan está relacionado con un incidente doloroso que sucedió cuando era joven.
11. (to involve) 
a. meter 
The police suspect that the victim was tied up in drugs.La policía sospecha que la víctima estaba metido en las drogas.
12. (to occupy) 
a. no direct translation 
I can't come now. I'm tied up with a client.No puedo ir ahora. Estoy liada con un cliente.
I'll ring you back; I'm tied up in a meeting just now.Te llamaré luego; ahora mismo estoy en una reunión.
Mr Clarkson is tied up at the moment. Can I take a message?El Sr. Clarkson está ocupado en este momento. ¿Quiere dejarle un recado?
intransitive verb phrase
13. (nautical) 
a. atracar 
As soon as we'd tied up, Pamela ran down the gangway.En cuanto atracamos, Pamela bajó la pasarela corriendo.
14. (to fasten) 
a. atarse 
The gown has ties that tie up at the back.La bata tiene lazos que se atan por detrás.
15. (to coincide) 
a. cuadrar 
How interesting! That ties up with what Holly told me yesterday.¡Qué interesante! Eso cuadra con lo que me contó Holly ayer.
b. concordar 
The results of the survey tie up with Dr. Carter's findings.Los resultados de la encuesta concuerdan con las conlusiones de la Dra. Carter.
16. (to be connected; used with "with") 
I now understand how my anxiety ties up with what happened to me when I was a child.Ya comprendo cómo esta ansiedad está relacionada con lo que me pasó de niño.
tie up
transitive verb phrase
1. (animal, parcel) 
a. atar 
2. (boat) 
a. amarrar 
3. (fig) 
a. cerrar (deal) 
my capital is tied up in propertytengo mi capital invertido en bienes inmuebles
to be tied upestar muy ocupado(a)
tie up
transitive verb
1 (fasten, secure) [+parcel, person, horse, sb's shoelaces] atar; amarrar; (LAm) [+one's shoelaces] atarse; amarrarse; (LAm) [+boat] amarrar
he tied up the bag and took it outside he saw the man tying up his shoelace let me tie up your shoelaces, darling robbers tied him up and made off with the cash could you tie up your horse please? the dog was tied up outside the house we tied up the dinghy to get (o.s.) all tied up to tie up loose ends there are a lot of loose ends to tie up
2 (make inaccessible) [+money, capital] inmovilizar
he has a fortune tied up in property tiene una fortuna inmovilizada or invertida en bienes inmuebles; how much money have you got tied up in the product? ¿cuánto dinero tienes invertido or metido en el producto?
/don't tie up your savings in a pension plan/ until you're reasonably settled all my property is tied up in my business
3 (conclude) [+business deal] concluir; cerrar
Kingfisher hopes to tie up a deal within the next two weeks we'll soon have it all tied up
4 (link)
to be tied up with sth estar relacionado con algo; estar vinculado a algo; I'm sure her disappearance is tied up with the robbery estoy seguro de que su desaparición está relacionada con el robo or vinculada al robo; don't get tied up with people like him no te mezcles con gente como él
it's all tied up with the fact that ... the company is tied up with a Spanish firm for many of us our identity is tied up with other people I've got a feeling that the death may be tied up with his visit in some way my violence was all tied up with my emotional distress about the baby he's tied up with a girl in Lima to [get] tied up with sb why get tied up with someone like that? Who'd want to get tied up with a mother-in-law like that?
5 (occupy)
to be tied up (with sth/sb) estar ocupado (con algo/algn); he's tied up with the manager just now ahora está ocupado or tratando un asunto con el jefe; I'm tied up tomorrow mañana estoy ocupado
/he's tied up at the moment/, I'm afraid. Can I help instead?
sorry I'm late, I got tied up siento llegar tarde, me entretuvieron
6 especially (US) (obstruct, hinder) [+traffic] paralizar; inmovilizar; [+production] paralizar; [+programme] interrumpir
the floods knocked out power and tied up traffic farmers have been taking part in blockades that have tied up vacation traffic all the timber sales have been tied up in court for 33 months it's possible that recovery programs could be tied up for years in court the fog tied up all the shipping
1 (be linked)
to tie up with sth estar relacionado con algo; estar vinculado a algo
2 (Náut) atracar; amarrar
We tied up near a riverside pub to tie up at a wharf
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