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tibios is the plural form of tibio.
tibio, -a
1. tepid, lukewarm (líquido)
2. lukewarm (reacción, posición)
3. (expresiones) (informal)
  • poner tibio, -a a alguien to slag somebody off(por la espalda) (British), to dump on somebody; (United States) to tear into somebody (delante)
  • ponerse tibio, -a de algo to stuff one's face with something; (comer) to down bucketfuls of something (beber)
1 [+comida, líquido] lukewarm; tepid
2 [+creencia] half-hearted; [+persona] lukewarm; [+recibimiento] cool; unenthusiastic
estar tibio con algn to be cool to sb; behave distantly towards sb
poner tibio a algn (insultar) to hurl abuse at sb; give sb a verbal battering; (por detrás) to say dreadful things about sb
3 (Centroamérica) (Caribe) (enfadado) cross; angry
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