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1. truenos mpl
  • with a face like thunder con el rostro encendido por la ira
intransitive verb
2. tronar (during storm); retumbar (guns, waves)
  • to thunder along pasar con estrépito (train, lorry)
3. tronar, vociferar (speaker)
thunder [ˈθʌndəʳ]
(Metal) truenos (m); [of traffic, applause] estruendo (m); [of hooves] estampido (m)
a clap of thunder un trueno; there is thunder in the air amenaza tronar; with a face like or as black as thunder con cara de furia; con cara de pocos amigos
to steal sb's thunder robar el éxito a algn
intransitive verb
(Metal) tronar; [+waterfall, waves] bramar
the guns thundered in the distance los cañones tronaban a lo lejos; the train thundered by el tren pasó con gran estruendo; to thunder at sb (shout) gritar muy fuerte a algn
transitive verb
to thunder out an order dar una orden a gritos; "yes!", he thundered —¡sí! —rugió
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