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usage note
Spanish has two translations for the English demonstrative adjective/pronoun "those": "esos/esas" and "aquellos/aquellas". "Esos" refers to something that is not right by a point of reference, but is also not that distant. "Aquellos" refers to something that is a great deal farther away from the point of reference.
(plural of that)
1. esos(as) ; aquellos(as) (further away)
  • those ones ésos(as); aquéllos(as) (further away)
2. ésos(as) ; aquéllos(as) (further away)
  • those of us who remember the war aquéllos or los que recordamos la guerra
  • those of us who were present los que estuvimos presentes
those [ðəʊz]
demonstrative adjective
esosesas;esas (further away) aquellosaquellas;aquellas
ask those children pregúntales a esos niños; those ones over there aquellos de allí; aquellos que están allí; it's not these chocolates but those ones I like no son estos bombones los que me gustan sino aquellos
demonstrative pronoun
esosesas;esas ésosésas;ésas (further away) aquellosaquellas;aquellas aquéllosaquéllas;aquéllas
In the past the standard spelling for [esos/esas] and [aquellos/aquellas] as pronouns was with an accent ([ésos/ésas] and [aquéllos/aquéllas]). Nowadays the [Real Academia Española] advises that the accented forms are only required where there might otherwise be confusion with the adjectives [esos/esas] and [aquellos/aquellas].
those which los que; las que; those who los que; las que; quienes; those of you/us who ... los/las que ...; I prefer these to those prefiero estos a aquellos
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