1. (reasoning) 
Thinking on the benefits of bilingualism has evolved greatly in recent years.El pensamiento sobre los beneficios del bilingüismo ha evolucionado mucho en los últimos años.
b. las ideas (F) 
The two candidates have very different thinking about how to approach the economic crisis.Los dos candidatos tienen ideas muy distintas acerca de cómo abordar la crisis económica.
Michael is always quick to share is thinking on that matter.Michael siempre está listo compartir su opinión sobre ese tema.
2. (act of thinking) 
a. pensar 
I understand her well; she and I have similar ways of thinking.La entiendo bien; ella y yo tenemos formas parecidas de pensar.
3. (intelligent) 
Any thinking person would see the inconsistencies in this story.Cualquier persona inteligente observaría las inconsistencias en esta historia.
1. (process of thought) 
a. el pensamiento (M) 
to do some thinkingpensar un poco
2. (opinion) 
a. el opinión f, parecer (M) 
to my (way of) thinkingen mi opinión
3. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
the thinking man's cover girluna belleza con cerebro
thinking [ˈθɪŋkɪŋ]
1 (ideas, opinions) pensamiento (m); ideas (f)
the new direction of Tyler's thinking el nuevo enfoque en el pensamiento or las ideas de Tyler
...a reluctance which dominated the thinking of a whole generation That shows the chaos of current thinking on fraud
we are so alike in our thinking pensamos de una forma tan parecida; he hoped we would come round to his way of thinking esperaba que al final terminaríamos pensando como él
my/his etc way of thinking
to my way of thinking en mi opinión; bajo mi punto de vista
...issues which, to my way of thinking, are some of the fundamental human issues
good thinking! ¡buena idea!
TEACHER: Good thinking, Loz Minor. Take a gold star. LOZ: Thank you, sir. I wasn't thinking of myself, sir
the thinking behind the campaign la línea de pensamiento en la que se basa la campaña
2 (activity)
I've done some thinking he estado pensando
That requires serious thinking about
I'll have to do some serious thinking voy a tener que pensar or reflexionar seriamente
3 (ability to think) pensamiento (m)
...the power to subordinate thinking to feeling
[+person, machine] inteligente
He is an honest and thinking man ...conditions which forced the thinking countryman to decide that changes must be made The 1981 conference aired visions of a "thinking [machine]" In the Buddhist path we transcend the thinking [mind] to attain total transcendence*
it is obvious to any thinking person resulta obvio para cualquier persona inteligente; the thinking mind la mente racional
to put on one's thinking cap estrujarse el cerebro (informal)
Get your thinking caps on and tackle our first question
thinking patterns (n) (Psychology and Psychiatry) modelos (m) de pensamiento
Cognitive therapy alters thinking patterns, such as poor self-image
thinking process (n) proceso (m) mental
Jotting down a few notes is a positive indication that the thinking process is underway I walked home. Walking unblocks the thinking processes
thinking time (n) tiempo (m) para pensar
This childish evasion gained me some thinking time Many women find this gives them valuable thinking time
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