1. (not thick) 
a. delgado(a), fino(a) 
2. (person, face, arm) 
a. delgado(a) 
3. (paper, slice, layer) 
a. fino(a) 
4. (blanket, clothing) 
a. ligero(a), fino(a) 
to grow or become thinneradelgazar
5. (sparse; hair, beard) 
a. ralo(a), escaso(a) 
6. (crowd, vegetation) 
a. escaso(a), disperso(a) 
7. (fog, mist) 
a. ligero(a), tenue 
8. (soup) 
a. claro(a) 
9. (paint, sauce) 
a. aguado(a) 
10. (idioms) 
railestar como un or hecho(a) un palillo
he had vanished into thin airhabía desaparecido como por arte de magia
they saw this demand as the thin end of the wedgeconsideraron que esta demanda era sólo el principio (y luego pedirían más)
to have a thin skinser muy susceptible
to have a thin time (of it)estar en horas bajas
to be thin on the groundser escaso(a)
11. (general) 
to slice something thincortar algo en rodajas finas
to spread something thinuntar una capa fina de algo
our resources are spread very thinlos recursos que tenemos son insuficientes
transitive verb
12. (paint) 
a. diluir, aclarar 
13. (sauce) 
a. aclarar, aguar 
intransitive verb
14. (crowd) 
a. dispersarse 
15. (fog, mist) 
a. despejarse 
his hair is thinningestá empezando a perder pelo
thin [θɪn]
thinner (comparative)thinnest (superlative)
1 (not fat) [+person, legs, arms] delgado; flaco (pejorative)
Gordon looked thinner and tired She kept getting even thinner and paler You are thinner. Are you ill? ...gorgeous thin models His thin body shivered uncontrollably He was a banker, a potbellied, bald man with thin [legs] He'd love to have a smaller bum and thinner thighs She had long, thin [fingers]
[+waist] delgado; estrecho
She had a thin [waist] and long legs
[+face] delgado
Tony saw that her [face] had grown thinner He had a very thin [face] and wore wire-rimmed glasses ...his long, thin [face]
[+nose] delgado; afilado
His [nose] was long and thin
[+lips] fino
She pulled her thin [lips] together and sucked her breath in like a snake
[+animal] flaco
...thin, half-starved kittens
to get or grow thin adelgazar
I want to get nice and thin for the holidays quiero adelgazar bien para estas vacaciones; you're getting thin, aren't you eating enough? te estás quedando muy delgado, ¿comes lo suficiente?
he had got much thinner since the last time he had visited you're getting thin - aren't you eating enough? he had grown thin with age and worry
she was painfully thin estaba tan flaca que daba pena verla
to be as thin as a rake estar en los huesos (informal)
he's as thin as a rake She is as thin as a rake: she has been starving herself for a year and more
2 (not thick) [+layer, sheet] fino; delgado
It helps to wear several thin [layers] of clothing rather than one thick one In the night a thin [layer] of ice had formed over the puddles The floor was coated with a thin [layer] of black mud -delgado? ...a thin [layer] of soil ...a thin film of oil on the surface of the water -delgada? ...a thin sheet of glass
[+wall] delgado
Exasperated neighbours banged on the thin [walls] with broomsticks
[+slice, line, fabric] fino
Peel the potatoes and cut into thin [slices] Carve each fillet into thin [slices] ...long thin [slices] of carrot His lips were set in a thin [line] ...a collarless shirt with a thin grey [stripe] ...a thin cotton shirt ...a thin strand of wool A thin wire connects the sensor with a personal computer
a thin layer of paint una capa fina de pintura
a thin volume of poetry un delgado tomo de poesía
to wear thin [+fabric, clothing] desgastarse
his trousers had worn thin at the knee el pantalón se le había desgastado por las rodillas; the joke had begun to wear very thin la broma ya empezaba a resultar muy pesada; my patience is wearing thin se me está agotando or acabando la paciencia
it's the thin end of the wedge es el principio de algo que puede tener terribles consecuencias
They accuse their opponents of using this issue as the thin end of a wedge designed to abolish the Swiss army Protectionism was the thin end of a collectivist wedge in the eyes of free-trade Conservatives
to be or skate or walk on thin ice estar pisando terreno resbaladizo or peligroso
You don't seem to realize what thin ice you are on All through my career I had skated on thin ice on many assignments We know we're skating on thin ice, but then that's what this record label has always been about
to have a thin skin ofenderse por nada; tomárselo todo a mal
Take no notice of him: he's got a very thin skin and can't take criticism Evidence of such a thin skin and lack of tenacity means that Evans is certainly not cut out to be a journalist
3 (watery) [+custard, sauce, paint] poco espeso
The [liquid] was thin and greyish brown Push the mixture through a sieve to make a thin puree. All we had to eat was a thin, watery broth
4 (not dense) [+smoke, fog, rain] fino
A thin wisp of [smoke] straggled up through the pines The thin blue [smoke] went curling up He saw all this through a thin veil of broken mist It was five o'clock and a thin drizzle was falling There was a thin cloud of [spray] rising from the waterfall
5 (sparse) [+beard, hair] ralo; escaso
He was about my age and size and had a thin [beard] Lescombe rubbed his hand through his thin [hair]
[+eyebrows] fino; delgado
...her thin [eyebrows] almost met above her nose
[+crowd] escaso; poco numeroso
The [crowd], which had been thin for the first half of the race, had now grown considerably. The [crowd] seemed suddenly thinner
to be thin on the ground especially (Britain) escasear
doctors are thin on the ground here Good new plays are still rather thin on the ground Talent is thin on the ground in this department Good news has been thin on the ground lately True gypsies, sadly now thin on the ground in Britain, lived and roamed in some of the most remote parts of Shropshire for many years
to be thin on top estar casi calvo; tener poco pelo (en la cabeza)
6 (unconvincing) [+excuse] pobre; poco convincente
That's all they need, one word for a thin [excuse], and they cry war At best, this [argument] is thin, but it is often raised Even if the optimists' theory is true, it still seems a thin [argument] against reform.
[+evidence] poco concluyente
He was believed, on rather thin [evidence], to be a Communist sympathizer [Evidence] that an economic recovery is on its way remains worryingly thin the [evidence] is thin and, to some extent, ambiguous.
[+argument, essay, script] pobre; flojo
The [script] is very thin at the best of times
a thin majority una mayoría escasa
The government's thin majority in Parliament leaves it very vulnerable
a thin smile una débil sonrisa
He looked at Kenworthy with a thin smile She managed a thin smile
7 (weak) [+voice] aflautado
Her thin [voice] rose high in complaint. Leroy sang in a thin, reedy [voice] "Come in," he said in a thin, cracked [voice]
8 (Economics) [+profit] escaso
trading was thin on the stock market hubo poca actividad en la bolsa
Analysts said that [trading] was thin as market players awaited the release of US economic data Tokyo stocks fell for the third consecutive day in thin [trading] "A thin [profit] from many ships," Pao once said, "will eventually produce more money than a quick killing." They have to survive on the thinnest of [profit] margins to have a thin [time] (of it) The 1960s were a thin time for Mulligan. He freely admits to membership of the `tuneless noise" lobby regarding most pop and rock, and his quiet, thoughtful sound was out of favour We are having a thin time of it, thanks to the recession
9 (lacking oxygen) [+air, atmosphere] enrarecido; rarificado
The pilot can descend slowly through the cold, thin upper atmosphere ...the thin [atmosphere] of Mars these high mountains where the [air] was thin
out of/into thin air
to appear out of thin air aparecer como por arte de magia
he had materialized out of thin [air]; I had not seen or heard him coming
to produce sth out of thin air sacar algo de la nada; I can't conjure up the money out of thin air no puedo sacar el dinero de la nada; he disappeared or vanished into thin air despareció como por arte de magia; se lo tragó la tierra
Apart from my former business partner, who has been fabulous to me, my friends disappeared into thin [air] He left the house and disappeared into thin [air]
slice the potatoes very thin corta las patatas en rodajas muy finas
How does she peel apples and potatoes so thin?
don't slice the bread too thin no cortes el pan demasiado fino
spread the butter very thin untar una capa muy fina de mantequilla
transitive verb
1 (also thin out) (reduce in number) [+population, group] mermar
I think the difficult years thinned the artists' ranks considerably He thinned the ranks of bureaucrats running the party Evacuation had briefly thinned out the school population of Greenwich
[+seedlings] entresacar
Once [seedlings] are large enough to handle, thin them out to give them more space Sow in rows 6cm apart and thin the [seedlings] to leave them 4cm apart Thin out young winter lettuces and sow a fresh supply
2 (also thin down) (dilute) [+sauce, soup] aclarar
I think the gravy needs thinning a bit avocado dressing thinned with a little sweet wine Cool [soup] slightly, liquidize, and thin with milk if desired
[+paint] diluir
The [paint] has been thinned down too much He thinned the oil [paint] with turpentine
aspirin thins the blood la aspirina hace que la sangre sea menos espesa; greenhouse gases are thinning the ozone layer los gases que causan el efecto invernadero están haciendo que la capa de ozono sea cada vez menos espesa
intransitive verb
(also thin out) (lessen) [+fog] aclararse
The [fog] was thinning out. Visibility was now at about five hundred yards By lunchtime the [fog] was thinning and the sun breaking through
[+ozone layer] hacerse menos espeso
As the [ozone layer] thins out, increasing amounts of UVA and UVB radiation are reaching the earth The earth's protective [ozone layer] is thinning at a rate far worse than once was believed
[+crowd] disminuir
the [crowd] was definitely thinning now By the time Shirlee returned to him the party was thinning out
[+population] mermar; reducirse
Western cities are thinning out as people move to the suburbs
his hair is thinning slightly está empezando a perder pelo
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