they are short

they are short
1. (used to talk about length) 
Do those pants fit you? - No, they are short.¿Te quedan bien esos pantalones? - No, son cortos.
2. (used to talk about height) 
a. son bajos 
They are short and can't reach the top shelf.Son bajos y no llegan al estante superior.
b. son chaparros (Central America) (Mexico) 
They are short, but they are great basketball players.Son chaparros, pero son muy buenos jugadores de baloncesto.
c. son petisos (South America) 
They are short and have short limbs.Son petisos y tienen extremidades cortas.
3. (used to talk about duration) 
Let's watch these videos. They are short.Veamos estos videos. Son cortos.
These songs are great. They are short, but very energetic.Estas canciones son geniales. Son breves, pero llenas de energía.
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