1. (emphatic) 
a. ellos mismos (third person masculine plural) 
They managed to fix the car themselves.Consiguieron arreglar el coche ellos mismos.
b. ellas mismas (third person feminine plural) 
The girls can wash the dishes themselves.Las chicas pueden lavar los platos ellas mismas.
2. (reflexive) 
a. se (third person plural) 
They bought themselves suits for the wedding.Se compraron trajes para la boda.
3. (after a preposition) 
a. sí mismos (third person masculine plural) 
Those guys only think about themselves.Esos tipos solo piensan en sí mismos.
b. sí mismas (third person feminine plural) 
The students who failed the test were ashamed of themselves.Las alumnas que fallaron el examen estaban avergonzadas de sí mismas.
4. (as normal) 
a. no direct translation 
After coming back from the war, it took a while for them to act themselves again.Después de volver de la guerra, tardaron un tiempo en volver a ser ellos mismos.
What's wrong with the twins? They don't seem like themselves.¿Qué pasa con los gemelos? No parecen los de siempre.
1. (reflexive) 
a. se 
they've hurt themselvesse han hecho daño
2. (emphatic) 
a. no direct translation 
they did all the work themselveshicieron todo el trabajo ellos mismos or ellos solos
they told me themselvesme lo dijeron ellos mismos
3. (after preposition) 
a. no direct translation 
they were all by themselvesestaban ellos solos
they were talking about themselvesestaban hablando de sí mismos
they were fighting among themselvesse estaban peleando entre ellos
themselves əmˈselvz]
1 (reflexive) se
did they hurt themselves? ¿se hicieron daño?
2 (for emphasis) ellos mismos/ellas mismas
they built it themselves lo construyeron ellos mismos
3 (after prep) sí (mismosasmismas);as mismas
they talked mainly about themselves hablaron principalmente de sí mismos
4 (phrases)
by themselves solosassolas;as solas she left the children at home by themselves dejó a los niños solos en casa; don't leave the two of them alone by themselves no se te ocurra dejar a estos dos solos; the girls did it all by themselves las chicas lo hicieron todo por sí mismas
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by themselves
for themselves
para sí
express themselves
they call themselves
se llaman
protect themselves
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