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unstressed, ðəm]
1. los/las (direct object)
  • I hate them los odio
  • I can forgive their son but not THEM puedo perdonar a su hijo, pero no a ellos
2. les (indirect object)
  • I gave them the book les di el libro
  • I gave it to them se lo di
3. ellos/ellas (after preposition)
  • I'm thinking of them estoy pensando en ellos
4. ellos/ellas [as complement of verb to be]
  • it's them! ¡son ellos!
  • it was them who did it fueron ellos los que lo hicieron
5. (indefinite use)
  • if anyone comes, tell them … si viene alguien, dile que…
them [ðem] [ðəm]
1 (direct object) loslas;las
I didn't know them no los conocía; look at them! ¡míralos!; I had to give them to her tuve que dárselos
2 (indirect object) les; (combined with direct object pron) se
I gave them some brochures les di unos folletos; you must tell them the truth tienes que decirles la verdad; yes, of course I gave them the book sí, claro que les di el libro; yes, of course I gave it to them sí, claro que se lo di; I gave the money to them, not their parents les di el dinero a ellos, no a sus padres; I'm giving it to them not you se lo doy a ellos, no a ti; give it to them when you go to Liverpool dáselo cuando vayas a Liverpool; give it to them, not me dáselo a ellos, no a mí
3 (after prepositions, in comparisons, with verb "to be") ellosellas;ellas
it's for them es para ellos; my sisters didn't go, my mother stayed with them mis hermanas no fueron, mi madre se quedó con ellas; we are older than them somos mayores que ellos; it must be them deben de ser ellos; that's them, they're coming now son ellos, ya vienen; they were carrying them on them los llevaban consigo
4 (referring back to "someone", "anyone" etc: direct object) lola or le;la (Esp) (indirect object) le
if anyone tries to talk to you, ignore them si alguien trata de hablar contigo, no le hagas caso
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