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usage note
This word may also be spelled "theatre."
theater, theater
1. teatro (m) (Estados Unidos)
  • (operating) theater, theater (medicina) quirófano (m) (británico)
  • theater, theater of war (militar) escenario (m) de guerra
  • theater, theater company compañía (f) de teatro
  • theater, theater nurse (medicina) instrumentista (sustantivo masculino) (británico)
theater (US)
1 (building) teatro (m)
to go to the theatre ir al teatro; lecture theatre aula (f); operating theatre sala (f) de operaciones
2 (profession) teatro (m)
she's been working in the theatre for 20 years lleva trabajando el teatro 20 años
3 (drama) teatro (m)
theatre of the absurd teatro (m) del absurdo
4 teatro (m); escenario (m)
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