1. (very good; food, book, weather, performance) 
a. estupendo(a), genial 
b. chévere (Latin America) 
c. padre (Mexico) 
d. bárbaro(a) (River Plate) 
2. (very great; amount, size, speed, shock) 
a. tremendo(a) 
terrific [təˈrɪfɪk]
1 (very great) [+explosion, problem, disappointment] tremendo; enorme
I was a terrific [disappointment] to my parents Americans have terrific [problems] with Scottish names He had remained cheerful despite the terrific strain of the past months There's a terrific pressure that goes along with presidential elections He did a terrific [amount] of fundraising All of a sudden there was a terrific bang and a flash of smoke All of a sudden, there was a terrific [explosion]
[+pain, noise, heat] terrible; tremendo
I woke up with a terrific [pain] in the back of my neck The [noise] was terrific Then suddenly there was a terrific thump underneath; I'd hit a runway light and smashed the sump! Some of the games kicked off at 11am in terrific [heat] The [heat] outside was terrific
a terrific amount of money una enorme cantidad de dinero
2 (excellent) [+idea, news, person] genial (informal); estupendo
Davenport's a terrific player The nativity play's a terrific [story] I think she's terrific
terrific! ¡genial!; ¡estupendo!
"I'll come and give you a hand tomorrow." "Terrific"
we had terrific fun nos lo pasamos estupendamente or fenomenal (informal)
parties are terrific fun He's terrific [fun] to be with What a terrific [idea]!
to do a terrific job hacer un trabajo estupendo or fantástico (informal)
I think he has done a terrific job
you look terrific! ¡estás guapísimo/a!
she looked terrific in a leotard estaba sensacional en mallas
the new carpet looks terrific
terrific stuff! ¡estupendo!; ¡fenomenal!
Finished already? Terrific stuff! Well that's terrific stuff
to have a terrific time pasárselo estupendamente or fenomenal (informal)
Everybody there was having a terrific time
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