feminine noun
1. balcony (balcón)
2. terrace, patio (de café)
3. terrace roof (azotea)
4. terrace (bancal)

terraza [ter-rah’-thah]
1. A glazed jar with two handles. (f)
2. Terrace, a space somewhat raised and separated from the surface which is prolonged along the wall of a garden or courtyard (terraza). (f)
3. Pavement café (café). (f)
4. Nut (cabeza). (f)

1 (Archit) (balcón) balcony; (azotea) flat roof; terrace
2 (café) pavement café
preferíamos encontrarnos en la terraza de un café
nos sentamos en la terraza de un café we sat outside a cafe
tomar el aperitivo en la terraza de moda
3 (Agr) terrace
4 (en jardín) flowerbed; border
5 (Culin) (jarro) two-handled glazed jar
6 (cabeza) nut (familiar); noggin (familiar); (EEUU) bonce (familiar)

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