plural noun
1. (stipulations of an agreement) 
Per the terms of this agreement, you will pay a monthly maintenance fee.Según las condiciones de este acuerdo, pagarás una cuota de mantenimiento mensual.
What are the terms of this contract?¿Cuáles son los términos de este contrato?
2. (relationship) 
a. no direct translation 
Alejandra and Marisol are on good terms right now, but I don't think it will last long. Alejandra y Marisol se llevan bien actualmente, pero dudo que dure mucho.
I'm on friendly terms with most of my neighbors. Tengo una buena relación con la mayoría de mis vecinos.
3. (word or phrase) 
The origin of the term "rule of thumb" is controversial.El origin del término "regla del pulgar" es controvertido.
4. (definite length of time) 
a. el plazo (M) 
I want a short-term loan.Quiero un préstamo de corto plazo.
Replacement or repair of a part does not extend the warranty term.El reemplazo o la reparación de una pieza no extiende el periodo de la garantía.
The term of this agreement is six months beginning on the date of the first payment.El período de este acuerdo es de seis meses a partir de la fecha del primer pago.
d. el mandato (M) (official or political) 
The president's term lasts six years.El mandato del presidente es de seis años.
5. (part of the school year) 
a. el trimestre (M) (three months) 
After term ends, we're all going to the beach.Después de que se acabe el trimestre, nos vamos todos a la playa.
b. el cuatrimestre (M) (four months) 
When does the new term begin?¿Cuándo empieza el nuevo cuatrimestre?
c. el semestre (M) (six months) 
He's studying calculus and physics this term.Está estudiando cálculo y física este semestre.
6. (pregnancy) 
I recommend that you rest until the pregnancy is brought to term.Recomiendo que descanses hasta llevar el embarazo a término.
7. (mathematics) 
I don't know which term in the equation you are referring to.No sé a cuál término de la ecuación te refieres.
8. (prison sentence) 
The prisoner will serve his term in New York.El prisionera cumplirá su condena en Nueva York.
transitive verb
9. (to designate) 
They termed the president a hero for his decision.Calificaron de héroe al presidente por su decisión.
b. llamar 
I think the director has incorrectly been termed a genius.Creo que el director ha sido llamado un genio erróneamente .
1. (word, expression) 
a. el término (M) 
I told her in no uncertain termsse lo dije en términos claros
in terms of salary/pollutionen cuanto a salario/contaminación
2. (relations) 
a. no direct translation 
I'm on good/bad terms with herme llevo bien/mal con ella
to be on friendly terms with somebodyllevarse bien con alguien
not to be on speaking termsno hablarse
to come to terms with somethingllegar a aceptar algo
3. (commerce) 
a. no direct translation 
termstérminos mpl, condiciones fpl
terms of referencecompetencias fpl
terms of paymentcondiciones de pago
4. (school and university) 
a. el trimestre (M) (of three months) 
5. (of four months) 
a. el cuatrimestre (M) 
term of officemandato m
a term of imprisonmentun periodo de reclusión
in the long/short terma largo/corto plazo
her pregnancy has reached (full) term(ella) ha salido de cuentas
6. (university) (United States) 
a. no direct translation 
term papertrabajo de fin de trimestre
transitive verb
7. (general) 
a. denominar, llamar 
term [tɜːm]
1 (period) periodo (m); período (m); mandato (m)
relating to time (as President, governor, mayor)
as head of sth he served five terms in Congress the party are now in their fourth term (of office) he is fighting for a second term in office it was the last year of Eisenhower's second term; he would not run again his current term as head of the central bank ends next month during his eight-year term as Chief Inspector of Prisons people who have spent one term in prison he can expect a long term of [imprisonment] /he is hoping for a reduced prison term/ in return for his testimony Embezzlers and common thieves get long terms of imprisonment, while a drunken driver or a joyrider responsible for someone's death gets a paltry fine she worked the [full] term of her pregnancy
in the long term a largo plazo
in the longer term a un plazo más largo
in the longer term, I expect it to prove a very profitable market
in the medium term a medio plazo
during his term of office bajo su mandato
we have been elected for a three-year term (of office) hemos sido elegidos para un periodo legislativo de tres años; he will not seek a third term (of office) as mayor no irá a por un tercer mandato de alcalde; no renovará por tercera vez su candidatura como alcalde
he is currently serving a seven-year prison term actualmente está cumpliendo una condena de siete años
to [serve] a term as
he served two terms as governor ocupó el cargo de gobernador durante dos periodos de mandato
Wagner served three terms as mayor of New York
in the short term a corto plazo
despite problems, she carried the baby to term a pesar de los problemas llevó el embarazo a término
2 (Educ) trimestre (m)
in the autumn or fall/spring/summer term (US) en el primer/segundo/tercer trimestre
the first/last day of term the beginning/end of term
they don't like you to take holidays during term no les gusta que se tomen vacaciones durante el trimestre or en época de clases
3 (Comm) (Jur) (Economics) (period of validity) plazo (m)
the policy is near the end of its term el plazo de la póliza está a punto de vencer; interest rates change over the term of the loan los tipos de interés cambian a lo largo del plazo del préstamo
the longer the term of the loan, the more you end up repaying to keep a policy going for its full term you only get the full value of your premiums if you keep a policy going for its full term the term of the contract is coming to an end el plazo del contrato está a punto de vencer
4 (word) término (m)
what do you understand by the term "radical"? ¿qué entiende usted por (el término) "radical"?; explain it in terms a child might understand explícalo de manera que un niño lo pueda entender
in terms that are readily understood the document is expressed in terms that are readily understood
legal/medical terms términos (m) legales/médicos
a term of abuse un término ofensivo; un insulto
a term of endearment un apelativo cariñoso
"my dove" is used as a term of endearment in classical Greek and Latin writings
he spoke of it only in general terms solo habló de ello en términos generales
he spoke of her in glowing terms habló de ella en términos muy elogiosos
in simple terms de forma sencilla
the video explains \in simple terms\ how the new tax works she condemned the protest in strong terms
she condemned the attacks in the strongest terms condenó los ataques de la forma más enérgica
technical term tecnicismo (m); término (m) técnico
in no [uncertain] terms
5 (Mat) (Logic) término (m)
6 terms (conditions) condiciones (f); términos (m)
according to the terms of the contract según las condiciones or los términos del contrato
you can name your own terms
to dictate terms (to sb) poner condiciones (a algn)
the company isn't big enough to dictate terms to the market If the service is very much in demand, then the seller can dictate terms the United States was in a position to dictate terms
we offer easy terms ofrecemos facilidades de pago
reduced terms for pensioners
terms of employment condiciones (f) de empleo
to compete on equal terms competir en igualdad de condiciones or en pie de igualdad
they were not competing on equal the same terms the focus was on women gaining access to work on the same terms as men Since they cannot compete on equal terms, why should they enjoy the same rewards? rival firms could compete with the Post Office on equal terms for letter deliveries under new Government plans not on [any] terms on one's [own] terms
they accepted him on his own terms lo aceptaron con las condiciones que él había puesto
terms of [payment]
terms of reference (brief) [of committee, inquiry] cometido (m); instrucciones (f); [of study] ámbito (m); (area of responsibility) responsabilidades (f); competencia (f); (common understanding) puntos (m) de referencia
the Hampel committee's terms of reference are wide enough to give it room for manoeuvre Pay was the missing piece in the original Nolan inquiry. It was seen as outside the committee's terms of reference In its terms of reference, the Committee was instructed to examine the possibility of the increased use of foreign labour in Britain The inquiry's terms of reference will not be restricted to the activities of Iraqi-owned Matrix Churchill, but will include the supergun and other defence sales Any decision over handguns will be incorporated in the terms of reference of Lord Cullen's inquiry when producing a report find out exactly what you have been asked to do, and get concise terms of reference the terms of reference for the current Mideast peace talks the study's terms of reference do not include the social aspect of the problem We regret that the terms of reference for the study do not leave open the question of what level of finance is needed to provide the range of BBC services that area of work doesn't come within our terms of reference providing finance is outside the organization's terms of reference Our terms of reference are broadly similar, but he dealt mainly with local government and we are pointed at the Houses of Parliament Explorations of the meanings of liberty in the United States after 1760 abandoned the terms of reference familiar to Europeans Whenever I talked with people in the peace movements, I tried, first of all, to get our terms of reference straight
terms of sale condiciones (f) de venta
terms of trade condiciones (f) de transacción
Most Favoured Nation status, which guarantees the country favourable terms of trade Company A is owed £ 800 by Company B, a sum which has not been paid on time and which is beyond the agreed terms of trade
to come to terms with sth asumir or asimilar algo
she had come to terms with the fact that her husband would always be crippled she is still struggling to come to terms with the death of her son
to be on bad terms with sb llevarse mal con algn; no tener buenas relaciones con algn
China and Vietnam have been on bad terms for the last 13 years are you on bad terms with him?
we're on first name terms with all the staff nos tuteamos con todos los empleados
she is still on friendly terms with him todavía mantiene una relación amistosa con él
It is not possible to be on friendly terms with people you have just been scolding
to be on good terms with sb llevarse bien con algn; tener buenas relaciones con algn
they have managed to remain on good terms se las arreglaron para quedar bien
we parted on good terms to be on [kissing] terms with sb She's on kissing terms with Prince Charles the only former Yugoslavian I'm on kissing terms with not to be on [speaking] terms with sb
we're not on speaking terms at the moment actualmente no nos hablamos
I don't think we're on speaking terms
in terms [of]
in terms of: in terms of production we are doing well en cuanto a la producción vamos bien; por lo que se refiere or por lo que respecta a la producción vamos bien; he never describes women in terms of their personalities nunca describe a las mujeres refiriéndose a su personalidad; he was talking in terms of buying it hablaba como si fuera a comprarlo
in terms of ugliness there's not much to choose between them in terms of wages, my new job isn't much better than my old one, but... In terms of skill, of youth, of sheer footballing technique, his team is out of its depth In terms of global strategic importance, England frankly rates low our sales are way ahead of theirs and, in terms of quality, there's no competition our goods compete in terms of price and quality don't only think in terms of your profits
in economic/political terms desde el punto de vista económico/político; en términos económicos/políticos
we can't compete in financial terms it won't do him much good in political terms but in military terms the operation was futile
in practical terms this means that ... en la práctica esto significa que ...
in real terms incomes have fallen en términos reales los ingresos han bajado
seen in terms of its environmental impact, the project is a disaster desde el punto de vista de su impacto en el medio ambiente, el proyecto es un desastre
we were thinking more in terms of an au pair nuestra idea era más una au pair; teníamos en mente a una au pair
transitive verb
(designate) calificar de
he was termed a thief lo calificaron de ladrón; he termed the war a humanitarian nightmare calificó la guerra de pesadilla humanitaria; I was what you might term a gangster yo era lo que se podría llamar un gángster; the problems of what is now termed "the mixed economy" los problemas de lo que ahora se da en llamar "la economía mixta"
term insurance (n) seguro (m) temporal
term loan (n) préstamo (m) a plazo fijo
term paper (n) (US) trabajo (m) escrito trimestral
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in terms of
en términos de
terms and conditions
términos y condiciones
payment terms
condiciones de pago
general food terms
términos generales de alimentos
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