"temas" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to fear, to be afraid of (tener miedo de)
  • yo no te temo -> I'm not afraid of you
  • temo herir sus sentimientos -> I'm afraid of hurting her feelings
  • cuando se pone a hablar le temo (informal) -> my heart sinks whenever he opens his mouth
2. to fear (sospechar)
intransitive verb
3. to be afraid
  • no temas -> don't worry
  • le teme mucho al fuego -> she's very afraid of fire
  • temer por -> to fear for
pronomial verb
  • temerse que… -> to be afraid that…, to fear that…
  • me temo que no vendrá -> I'm afraid she won't come
  • temerse lo peor -> to fear the worst

temer [tay-merr’]
article & verb transitive
1. To apprehend, to fear, to dread; to reverence, to respect.
2. To suspect, to misdoubt.
  • Temo que lo ha perdido -> I'm afraid he has lost it
verb neuter
3. To be afraid. (n)
  • No temas -> don't be afraid

[+persona, castigo, consecuencias] to be afraid of; fear
teme al profesor he's afraid o frightened of the teacher; temer a Dios to fear God; temer hacer algo to be afraid of doing sth; temo ofenderles I'm afraid of offending them; temer que to be afraid (that); fear (that); teme que no vaya a volver she's afraid o she fears (that) he might not come back
to be afraid
no temas don't be afraid; temer por algo to fear for sth; temer por la seguridad de algn to fear for sb's safety; el equipo de rescate temía por nuestras vidas the rescue team feared for our lives
temerse algo: ya me lo temía, es el carburador it's the carburettor, I thought as much o I was afraid it might be; —ha empezado a llover —me lo temía "it has started raining" — "I was afraid it would"; —no podré venir —me lo estaba temiendo "I won't be able to come" — "I was afraid you wouldn't"; se temen lo peor they fear the worst; temerse que to be afraid (that); mucho me temo que ya no lo encontrarás I'm very much afraid (that) you won't find it now; I very much suspect (that) you won't find it now; me temo que no I'm afraid not

Verb Conjugations for "temer" (go to to fear)


yo temo temí temía temería temeré
temes temiste temías temerías temerás
él/ella/Ud. teme temió temía temería temerá
nosotros tememos temimos temíamos temeríamos temeremos
vosotros teméis temisteis temíais temeríais temeréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. temen temieron temían temerían temerán
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