feminine noun
1. fabric, material (tejido) ; piece of material (retal)
  • tela de araña -> cobweb
  • tela asfáltica -> asphalt roofing/flooring
  • tela metálica -> wire netting
2. canvas (Arte) (lienzo)
3. dough (informal) (dinero)
4. (informal) (cosa complicada)
  • el examen era tela -> the exam was really tricky
  • tener (mucha) tela -> to be (very) tricky (ser difícil)
  • hay tela (para rato) -> there's no shortage of things to do (trabajo)
  • ¡tela marinera! -> that's too much!
  • poner en tela de juicio -> to call into question

tela [tay'-lah]
1. Cloth, fabric, any stuff woven in a loom. (f)
  • Tela de cebolla -> onion skin
  • Tela de saco -> sackcloth
2. Gold or silver lace. (f)
3. Chain or warp of cloth which is put at one time in a loom. (f)
4. Pellicle, the thin interior skin of the animal body or of fruits; membrane. (f)
5. Film or pellicle on the surface of liquors. (f)
6. Quibble, quirk. (f)
7. Cobweb of a spider, web of some other insects. (f)
  • Tela de araña -> spider's web
8. Argument; matter (materia); thread of a discourse. (f)
  • El asunto trae mucha tela -> it's a complicated matter
9. Membrane or opacity in the eye. (f)
10. Thin maize pancake (tortilla). (Andes) (f)

1 (tejido) cloth; fabric; (trozo) piece of cloth
esta tela es muy resistente this cloth o fabric is very strong; usó una tela para hacer el remiendo she used a piece of cloth as a patch; un libro en tela a clothbound book
poner en tela de juicio to (call into) question; cast doubt on
tela asfáltica roofing felt
tela cruzada twill
tela de araña spider's web
tela de saco sackcloth
tela metálica wire netting
tela mosquitera mosquito net
2 (Arte) (lienzo) canvas; painting
3 (en líquido) skin
4 (Anatomía) membrane
llegarle a algn a las telas del corazón to touch sb's heart
5 (Botánica) skin
tela de cebolla onion skin
6 (dinero) dough (familiar); cash (familiar)
sacudir o soltar la tela to cough up (familiar); fork out (familiar)
7 (And) (tortilla) thin maize pancake
8 (also tela marinera)
el asunto tiene (mucha) tela o tiene tela (marinera) it's a complicated matter; there's a lot to it; —ya va por el quinto marido —¡tiene tela (marinera)! "she's already on her fifth husband" — "that takes some beating!" (familiar); hay tela para rato there's lots to talk about
9 (enfático)
tela de: es tela de guapa she's dead o really gorgeous (familiar)

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