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transitive verb
1. (to sew with yarn)
a. to knit (with two needles)
Mi abuela tejió un suéter para la bebé. My grandma knit a sweater for the baby.
b. to crochet (with one needle)
Mi hija me tejió una bufanda hermosa. My daughter crocheted a beautiful scarf for me.
c. to weave
Las indígenas de Panajachel tejen unas telas hermosas. The indigenous women of Panajachel weave beautiful fabric.
2. (to weave a web)
a. to spin
Una araña enorme debió haber tejido esa telaraña. A huge spider must have spun that spider web.
3. (to plot)
a. to hatch (figurative)
Algo está tejiendo ese grupito y seguramente no es nada bueno. That little group is hatching something, and it surely isn't anything good.
intransitive verb
4. (to sew with yarn)
a. to knit (with two needles)
A mi mamá le gusta tejer, pero mi papá prefiere coser.My mom likes to knit, but my dad prefers to sew.
b. to crochet (with one needle)
¿Sabes tejer? - No, pero tengo muchas ganas de aprender.Do you know how to crochet? - No, but I really want to learn.
c. to weave
Me gusta escuchar música mientras tejo.I like to listen to music while I weave.
transitive verb
1. to weave (hilos, mimbre)
2. to knit (labor de punto)
3. to spin (telaraña)
4. to carve out (labrar) (porvenir); to bring about (ruina)
5. (tramar)
  • tejer un plan to forge a plot
intransitive verb
6. to knit (hacer punto)
  • tejer y destejer (figurative) to chop and change
transitive verb
1 [+tela] to weave; [+tela de araña] to spin; make; [+capullo] to spin
tejido a mano hand-woven
2 (hacer punto) to knit; (hacer ganchillo) to crochet; (coser) to sew
tejido a mano hand-knitted
3 [+complot] to hatch; [+plan] to devise; [+mentira] to fabricate; [+cambio etc] to bring about little by little
intransitive verb
1 (en telar) to weave
tejer y destejer to chop and change; do and undo; (EEUU)
2 (hacer punto) to knit; (hacer ganchillo) to crochet; (coser) to sew
Verb Conjugations for tejer
Gerund: tejiendo
Participle: tejido
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