masculine noun
1. fabric, material (tela); textile (industry)
  • el tejido social -> the fabric of society
2. tissue (anatomy)
  • tejido adiposo -> fatty tissue, adipose tissue (specialist term)
  • tejido blando -> soft tissue
3. knitting (labor de lana) (Am)

tejido [tay-hee’-do]
1. Texture (textura), weaving, the act of weaving. (m)
2. Texture, fabric, web, a thing woven. (m)
3. TELA.
4. Tissue of an organized body.
  • Tejido celular -> cellular tissue (Bot.), connective tissue (Anat.)
  • Tejido de punto -> knitting; knitted fabric
  • -Tejido -> da
past participle
5. Past participle of TEJER.

1 (tela) fabric; material
el tejido social the social fabric
tejido de punto knitting; knitted fabric
2 (trama) weave; (textura) texture
un tejido de intrigas a web of intrigue
3 (Anatomía) tissue
tejido conjuntivo connective tissue

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