1. (monotonous) 
a. tedioso 
Doing my tax return is an extremely tedious process.Hacer la declaración de impuestos es un proceso extremadamente tedioso.
b. aburrido 
After three long and tedious visits to the motor vehicles office, I finally have my driver license.Después de tres largas y aburridas visitas a la oficina de movilidad, finalmente tengo mi licencia de conducir.
c. pesado 
I hate networking events. They're so tedious.Odio los eventos para establecer una red de contactos. Son tan pesados.
1. (general) 
a. tedioso(a) 
tedious [ˈtiːdɪəs]
pesado; aburrido
it was a very tedious job he can be very tedious at times (= he goes on about things) it was all rather tedious/it was a rather tedious business
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