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(pt & pp taught [tɔːt])
transitive verb
1. enseñar
  • to teach somebody something, to teach something to somebody enseñar algo a alguien
  • to teach somebody (how) to do something enseñarle a alguien a hacer algo
  • he taught me Spanish at school me daba clase de español en el colegio
  • she taught herself to play the piano aprendió (ella) sola a tocar el piano
  • to teach school ser profesor(a) (Estados Unidos)
  • to teach somebody a lesson (sentido figurado) darle una lección a alguien
  • that'll teach him! (familiar) ¡así aprenderá!
intransitive verb
2. enseñar, dar clase(s)
teach [tiːtʃ] taught (past)
transitive verb
1 (in class) [+subject] dar clases de; enseñar; [+group] dar clases a
Miss Hardy taught us needlework la Srta. Hardy nos daba clases de or nos enseñaba costura; he teaches primary-school children es maestro de escuela (primaria); da clases a niños de primaria
to teach school (US) (primary) dar clases en un colegio de enseñanza primaria; (secondary) dar clases en un colegio de enseñanza secundaria
she taught English to Japanese businessmen enseñaba inglés or daba clases de inglés a ejecutivos japoneses
she taught Japanese businessmen English
he taught us biology she taught children French daba clases de francés a los niños I like teaching sixth-formers schools should teach that stealing is wrong
2 (not in class) enseñar
person, subject, skill
to teach sb to do sth enseñar a algn a hacer algo; his parents taught him never to lie sus padres le enseñaron a no mentir nunca
to teach o.s sth
he taught himself Arabic aprendió árabe por su cuenta; I'll teach you to speak to me like that! ¡ya te enseñaré yo a hablarme así!
I'll teach you to leave the gas on! to teach sb that experience taught him that he could not be a journalist his first contact with Hollywood taught him that authors needed to talk tough we could teach them a thing or two about family values to teach sb [about] sth I think teenagers should be taught all [about] sex
you can't teach him anything about cars no le puedes enseñar nada sobre coches
they envisaged how the older women could teach the younger workers a wider range of skills on the machines I had no idea how to do this and \Michael had to teach me every move
my mother taught me how to cook mi madre me enseñó a cocinar
his father taught him how to ride a bike
history teaches us a valuable lesson la historia nos enseña una valiosa lección
that'll teach you! ¡eso te servirá de lección!; ¡te está bien empleado!
that will teach you to mind your own business! ¡eso te enseñará a no meterte en lo que no te importa!
that'll teach you to leave the gas on I didn't want to lend him my car, but I did and then he went and crashed it. Oh well, that'll teach me.
don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs a tu padre no le puedes enseñar a ser hijo
to teach sb a lesson darle una lección a algn
Everyone's been taught a lesson, including Tim I'll teach him a lesson that he won't forget! I'm going to teach that boy a lesson he won't forget!
you can't teach an old dog new tricks perro viejo no aprende gracias
intransitive verb
(give classes) dar clases
his wife teaches at our school su esposa da clases or es profesora en nuestro colegio; he has always wanted to teach siempre ha querido ser profesor or dedicarse a la enseñanza
she's been teaching for 20 years he had been teaching all morning he had been teaching all morning and he was exhausted
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Gerund: enseñando
Participle: enseñado
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