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1. taxi (m)
  • taxi driver taxista (sustantivo masculino)
  • taxi rank parada (f) de taxis (británico)
  • taxi stand parada (f) de taxis (Estados Unidos)
intransitive verb
2. rodar (aircraft)
taxi [ˈtæksɪ]
taxis taxies (cab) taxi (m); (collective taxi) colectivo (m); (LAm) pesero (m); (Méx)
intransitive verb
1 (Aer) rodar por la pista
2 (go by taxi) ir en taxi
taxi driver (n) taxista (m)
taxi fare (n) tarifa (f) de taxi
I'll pay the taxi fare yo pagaré el taxi
there was a dispute over the taxi fare
taxi rank (Britain)taxi stance (Scot)taxi stand (US) (n) parada (f) de taxis
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