tareas is the plural form of tarea and roughly translates to chores.
feminine noun
1. (education) 
a. homework 
La profesora de francés les dio muchas tareas. The French teacher gave them lots of homework.
2. (work) 
a. task 
Tengo tantas tareas urgentes que no sé por cuál empezar.I have so many urgent tasks that I don't know where to begin.
b. job 
Su principal tarea es limpiar las ventanas.His main job is to clean the windows.
1. (trabajo) 
a. task 
2. (education) 
a. homework 
tareas domésticashousehold chores, housework
1 (trabajo) task; job
una de sus tareas es repartir la correspondencia one of his tasks o jobs is to hand out the mail; es una tarea poco grata it's a thankless task; todavía me queda mucha tarea I've still got a lot left to do
tareas domésticas housework
; (s)
household chores
2 [de colegial]
las tareas homework
; (s)
3 (Informática) task
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hacer las tareas
to do the homework
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