feminine noun
1. task (trabajo) ; homework (education)
  • tareas domésticas -> household chores, housework

tarea [ta-ray’-ah]
1. Task, work imposed by another (trabajo asignado); shift, 2. (f)
  • Ahora disfruta sus tareas -> he now enjoys the fruits of his labor
  • Tarea del colegio -> schoolwork, homework
  • Es una tarea poco grata -> it's not a very satisfying job
Care, toil, drudgery; exercise.

1 (trabajo) task; job
una de sus tareas es repartir la correspondencia one of his tasks o jobs is to hand out the mail; es una tarea poco grata it's a thankless task; todavía me queda mucha tarea I've still got a lot left to do
tareas domésticas housework
; (s)
household chores
2 [de colegial]
las tareas homework
; (s)
3 (Informática) task

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