"tardar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to take (llevar tiempo)
  • tardó un año en hacerlo -> she took a year to do it
  • tardó en darse cuenta -> it took him a while o he took a while to realize
  • ¿cuánto tardarás (en hacerlo)? -> how long will you be (doing it)?, how long will it take you (to do it)?
2. to be late (retrasarse); to be slow (ser lento)
  • tardar en hacer algo -> to take a long time to do something
  • no tardará en llegar -> he won't be long (in coming)
  • ahora vuelvo, no tardo -> I'll be back in a minute, I won't be long
  • no tardaron en hacerlo -> they were quick to do it
  • a más tardar -> at the latest
  • sin tardar -> promptly
pronomial verb
  • no me tardaré -> I won't be long (Mexican Spanish)

tardar [tar-dar’]
verb neuter & verb reflexive
1. To delay (retardarse), to put off, to take, to dally, A más tardar, at the latest, no later than. (n)
  • Aquí tardan mucho -> they are very slow here
  • Escribiré sin tardar -> I'll write without delay
  • Tardará dos horas -> he’ll take two hours

he tardado un poco debido a la lluvia I'm a bit late because of the rain; tardamos tres horas de Granada a Córdoba it took us o we took three hours to get from Granada to Córdoba; ¿cuánto se tarda? how long does it take?
aquí tardan mucho en servirte the service is very slow here; they take a long time to serve you here
tardó tres horas en encontrarlo it took him three hours to find it; he spent three hours looking for it; tardó mucho en repararlo he took a long time to repair it
¿cuánto tardaremos en terminarlo?
vete a buscarlo, pero no tardes go and fetch it, but don't be long; te espero a las ocho, no tardes I expect you at eight, don't be late
tardar en hacer algo
tardó en llegar it was late in arriving; tarda en hacer efecto it takes a while to take effect; it doesn't take effect immediately; no tarde usted en informarme please tell me as soon as you know; el público no tardó en reaccionar the spectators were not slow o were quick to react
a más tardar at the latest
a las ocho a más tardar at eight o'clock at the latest
sin tardar without delay
a todo tardar at the latest
tardarse (México) to be long; take a long time
no me tardo I won't be long; I won't take long

Verb Conjugations for "tardar" (go to to be late)


yo tardo tardé tardaba tardaría tardaré
tardas tardaste tardabas tardarías tardarás
él/ella/Ud. tarda tardó tardaba tardaría tardará
nosotros tardamos tardamos tardábamos tardaríamos tardaremos
vosotros tardáis tardasteis tardabais tardaríais tardaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. tardan tardaron tardaban tardarían tardarán
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