1. (light blow) 
a. el golpecito (M) 
to give something a tapdarle un golpecito a algo
to give somebody a tap on the shoulderdarle un golpecito en el hombro a alguien
tap dancingclaqué m
transitive verb
2. (general) 
a. dar un golpecito a 
I tapped him on the shoulderle di un golpecito en el hombro
intransitive verb
3. (general) 
to tap at or on the doorllamar suavemente a la puerta
tap [tæp]
1 (knock) (on door) toque (m); (on back, shoulder) golpecito (m); toque (m)
I felt a tap on my shoulder sentí un golpecito or toque en el hombro; there was a tap at or on the door llamaron or tocaron suavemente a la puerta; I gave him a gentle tap on the back le di un golpecito en la espalda
2 (also tap dancing) claqué (m)
she's been learning tap for years
3 (on dancing shoe) lámina (f) de metal; tapa (f) de metal
transitive verb
(hit lightly) [+table, surface] golpear suavemente; [+typewriter keys] pulsar
he was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel estaba repiqueteando or tamborileando sobre el volante con los dedos
to tap one's foot (impatiently) taconear (impacientemente)
they were tapping their feet in time to the music seguían el compás de la música con el pie
to tap sb on the back/shoulder dar un golpecito or toque a algn en la espalda/el hombro
I tapped him on the shoulder
she tapped a rhythm on the table golpeó la mesa marcando un ritmo; repiqueteó un ritmo en la mesa
Irving leaned forward, tapping the table with an index finge
intransitive verb
dar golpecitos
please, stop tapping! ¡haz el favor de dejar de dar golpecitos!
she tapped at the door llamó suavemente a la puerta
she tapped at the window dio unos golpecitos en la ventana
he was tapping away at his word processor estaba (tecleando) dale que te pego en su procesador de textos
others tap [away] at their typewriters he tapped on the table several times
I could hear sth tapping on the window oía que algo daba golpecitos en la ventana
tap dance (n) claqué (m)
tap dancer (n) bailaríninabailarina (m) (f) de claqué;ina bailarina
tap dancing (n) claqué (m)
tap [tæp]
1 (Britain) (water tap) grifo (m); canilla (f); (S. Cone) (gas tap) llave (f)
cold/hot water tap grifo (m) de agua fría/caliente
the honey runs out of a tap at the bottom of the drum the hot tap was still running
you've left the tap running has dejado el grifo abierto; to turn the tap on/off abrir/cerrar el grifo
2 (stopper) [of barrel] espita (f); canilla (f)
on tap: beer on tap cerveza (f) de barril
they have several well-known real ales on tap only low-alcohol lager was on tap at the 250th birthday celebration at Whitbread's Gloucester depot to be on tap filtered water is always on tap
to have sth on tap disponer de algo; he seems to have unlimited money on tap parece disponer de un caudal de dinero ilimitado
they have pop music, TV, videos on tap we have plenty of expertise and experience on tap
3 (Telec) micrófono (m)
he's convinced there's a tap on his phone
to put a tap on sb's phone intervenir or pinchar el teléfono de algn (informal)
4 (Med) punción (f)
spinal tap punción (f) lumbar
a tool for cutting female screw threads, consisting of a threaded steel cylinder with longitudinal grooves forming cutting threads. drill a 3/8in. hole and thread it with a 1/2in. tap
transitive verb
1 (use) [+resource, situation] explotar
the company is trying to tap the Japanese market to tap sb [for] sth
to tap sb for information tratar de (son)sacar información a algn; he tried to tap me for £5 intentó sonsacarme cinco libras
he tapped the boss for information he was hoping to tap her for £30
2 [+barrel] espitar
3 (Telec) [+telephone] intervenir; pinchar (informal); [+conversation] interceptar
my phone is tapped mi teléfono está intervenido or pinchado (informal)
TAPPING mobile phone conversations is expensive and highly technical prosecutors played back tapes of their tapped phone conversations
4 (cut into) [+tree] sangrar
to tap the rubber from a tree sangrar un árbol para extraer el caucho
he used to tap rubber trees in the jungle to get the sap out
5 (Electricity and Electronics) [+electricity, current] derivar; [+wire] hacer una derivación en
6 (Med) [+spine] hacer una punción en
If you tap a thread, you cut a screw thread into a hole, so that a bolt or screw can be inserted into it the problem was cured by re-tapping the thread and fitting an oversize bolt
intransitive verb
tap water (n) agua (f) corriente; agua (f) del grifo; (Esp)
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