1. (container) 
a. el depósito (M) 
2. (on truck, train) 
a. la cisterna (F) 
3. (military) 
a. el tanque m, carro de combate (M) 
tank topchaleco m de lana
tank [tæŋk]
1 (container) (for liquid) tanque (m); depósito (m)
the cold-water tank is in the attic tanks for storing oil
(large) cisterna (f); (Aut) depósito (m); (Esp) tanque (m); especially (LAm)
fuel tank depósito (m) (de combustible); fish tank acuario (m); petrol or gas tank (US) depósito (m) (de gasolina); water tank (for village, in house) depósito (m) de agua; (on lorry) cisterna (f)
2 (also tankful) (quantity) depósito (m)
do you think we can get to Paris on one tank of petrol? it will go over 500 miles on a single tank of fuel
3 (Mil) tanque (m); carro (m) (de combate)
4 (Fot) (also developing tank) cubeta (f) de revelado
5 (also swimming tank) (US) piscina (f); alberca (f); (Méx) pileta (f) (de natación); (S. Cone)
6 (US) (jail) cárcel (f); chirona (f) (informal); (Esp)
tank car (n) (US) vagón (m) cisterna
tank engine (n) locomotora (f) ténder
tank top (n) chaleco (m) cerrado
tank wagon (n) (Ferro) vagón (m) cisterna; (Aut) camión (m) cisterna
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