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1. neither, not… either
  • ella no va y tú tampoco -> she's not going and neither are you o and you aren't either
  • yo no voy — yo tampoco -> I'm not going — neither am I o me neither
  • yo tampoco lo veo -> I can't see it either
  • no me gusta éste ni ése tampoco -> I don't like this one or this one either
  • ¡tampoco nos íbamos a presentar sin un regalo! -> we were hardly going to turn up without a present!
  • tampoco es que me importe mucho -> it's not as if it matters much to me
  • tampoco vendría mal descansar un poco -> it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a little rest, a little rest wouldn't come amiss

tampoco [tam-po’-co]
1. Neither, nor, not either.
  • Yo tampoco lo compré -> I didn't buy one either
  • Ni yo tampoco -> nor did I
  • ’Yo no fui’ ’Yo tampoco’ -> ’I didn’t go’, ’neither did I’

1 not ... either; neither; nor
yo no lo compré tampoco I didn't buy it either; tampoco lo sabe él he doesn't know either; ni Ana ni Cristóbal tampoco neither Ana nor Cristóbal; —yo no voy —yo tampoco "I'm not going" — "nor am I o neither am I o me neither"; —yo no fui —yo tampoco "I didn't go" — "nor did I o neither did I o me neither"; —nunca he estado en París —ni yo tampoco "I've never been to Paris" — "neither have I o me neither"; —¿lo sabes tú? —tampoco "do you know?" — "no, I don't either"
2 (uso enfático)
tampoco nos vamos a enfadar ahora por eso we're not going to fall out over that, are we?; bueno, tampoco es como para ponerse a llorar it's not as if it's anything to cry about

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