"tame" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. manso(a) (not timid or vicious); domesticado(a) (domesticated)
2. soso(a) (unadventurous)
verbo transitivo
3. domar (lion, tiger); dominar (sentido figurado) (emotion)

tame [teim]
1. Amansado, domado, domesticado, manso (pet).
2. Dócil, sometido, tratable (gentle, mild).
3. Abatido, humilde, sumiso (obedient).
4. Pálido, falto de animación o efecto, sin color (sad).
  • A tame narrative -> un relato pálido, sin color
1. Domar, domesticar, amansar, hablando de fieras o animales.
2. Avasallar, abatir; suavizar, domeñar, poner dócil o tratable.

tame [teɪm]
tamer (comparative)tamest (superlative)
1 (no longer wild) [+lion, tiger] domesticado; manso; [+hedgehog, fox] dócil; manso
do you know of a tame plumber who can fix it? (hum) ¿sabes de un fontanero fiable que lo pueda arreglar?
2 (boring) [+book, film, match, performance] soso; insulso
it's a rather tame story, and not we're used to from X it was a pretty tame match by all accounts his performance as King Lear was rather tame I thought tonight's performance was rather tame by comparison
the report was pretty tame stuff el informe era bastante anodino; these films are tame by today's standards estas películas resultan poco atrevidas para los tiempos que corren
[+lion, tiger] domar; amansar; [+passion] dominar
no man could tame her no había hombre que pudiese domarla

Verb Conjugations for "tame" (go to domar)


I tame I tamed I will tame
you tame you tamed you will tame
he/she tames he/she tamed he/she will tame
we tame we tamed we will tame
you tame you tamed you will tame
they tame they tamed they will tame
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