masculine noun
1. drum (Mús & mechanics); cylinder (de pistola)
2. eardrum (anatomy)
masculine or feminine noun
3. drummer (tamborilero)

tambor [tam-bor’]
1. A drum. (m)
2. Drummer (persona). (m)
  • Baquetas del tambor -> drumsticks
  • Tambor mayor -> drummajor
3. Small inclosure as a screen to the gates of a fortress. (Military) (m)
4. A small room, made in another room by partition-walls, tambor or wooden screen at the doors of churches. (m)
5. Tambor, tholus, keystone of a vaulted roof or cupola. (Architecture) (m)
6. Barrel, arbor, of a watch or clock any cylindrical part of machinery. (m)
7. Tambor-frame for embroidering silk, muslin, or linen. (m)
  • Tambor del oído -> ear drum
8. Burlap (tela). (Caribbean & Mexico) (m)
Hence further: rolling-pin, band-pulley, tumbler, wheel-house, paddle-box.

1 (Música) (instrumento) drum; (persona) drummer
venir o salir a tambor batiente to come out with flying colours
tambor mayor drum major
2 (Técnica) drum; [de lavadora] drum
tambor del freno brake drum
3 (Anatomía)
tambor del oído eardrum
4 [de detergente] drum
tambor magnético (Informática) magnetic drum
6 (Archit) [de columna] tambour
7 (Cos) (bastidor) tambour
8 (Caribe) (México) (tela) burlap; sackcloth

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