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1. conversación (f) charla (f) (conversation)plática (f) (CAm, español de México)
  • to have a talk with somebody hablar con alguien
  • to be all talk (and no action) (familiar) hablar mucho (y no hacer nada)
  • talk show (televisión & radio) programa (m) de entrevistas
  • talks conversaciones (f pl) (negotiations)
2. habladurías (f pl) (gossip);
    especulaciones (f pl)
  • there is some talk of his returning se dice que va a volver
  • it's the talk of the town es la comidilla local
3. conferencia (f) charla (f) (lecture)
transitive verb
4. hablar (speak) (Spanish, German)
  • to talk nonsense
  • rubbish decir tonterías (or británico)
  • to talk politics hablar de política
  • to talk (common) sense hablar con sensatez
  • to talk (some) sense into somebody hacer entrar en razón a alguien
  • she can talk her way out of anything sabe salir con palabras de cualquier situación
5. (convince)
  • to talk somebody into/out of doing something persuadir a alguien para que haga/para que no haga algo
intransitive verb
6. hablar (speak)(to/about con/de), platicar (CAm, español de México)(to/about con/de)
  • to talk to oneself hablar solo(a)
  • to talk of or about doing something hablar de hacer algo
  • talking of embarrassing situations,… hablando de situaciones embarazosas,…
  • to talk big farolear
  • now you're talking! (familiar) ¡así se habla!
  • YOU can talk! (familiar) ¡mira quién fue a hablar!
  • to make a prisoner talk hacer hablar a un prisionero
  • what are you talking about? ¡pero qué dices!
  • I don't know what you're talking about no sé de qué me hablas
7. cotillear, murmurar (gossip)
8. dar una conferencia (give lecture)(on sobre)
talk [tɔːk]
1 (conversation) conversación (f); charla (f); plática (f); (Méx)
I enjoyed our (little) talk disfruté de nuestra (pequeña) conversación or charla
a business talk with a colleague
to have a talk (with sb) hablar (con algn); tener una conversación (con algn)
I think it's time we had a talk creo que es hora de que hablemos (seriamente)
we had a long talk over supper hablamos largo y tendido durante la cena
I think it's time we had a talk. You and Marian have been going out together now for a long time. If you want to get married and need a little financial help to do so, I'd like you to know that we'll help you. I think it's time you and I had a talk. I'm not going to put up with your perpetual lateness and cheek any longer. So unless you change your attitude, you'll be out on your ear! I must have a talk with him let's have a talk about it later we'll have to have a talk with her about boys
2 (lecture) charla (f)
our head of department is going to give a brief talk this evening there was a fascinating talk on the history of stained glass Are you going to the talk on squirrels at the Natural History museum?
to give a talk (on sth) dar una charla (sobre algo)
he was campaigning, giving talks and fund raising to give a talk on the radio
3 talks (negotiations) (gen) conversaciones (f); pláticas (f); (Méx) (with defined aim) negociaciones (f)
the Prime Minister is in Washington for talks with the President the next round of peace talks is due to begin tomorrow the next round of Middle East peace talks talks between strikers and management they are trying to force the government into talks
the foreign secretary will be holding talks with his French counterpart el ministro de asuntos exteriores mantendrá conversaciones con su homólogo francés
They now want to hold secret talks with the government
4 (rumours) rumores (m)
there is some talk of his resigning se habla de or corren rumores sobre su posible dimisión; there's been a lot of talk about you two se ha hablado mucho de vosotros dos; están circulando muchos rumores acerca de vosotros dos; any talk of divorce is just wild speculation cualquier rumor acerca de un divorcio no es más que pura especulación
all this talk about me leaving is rubbish there'll be talk there was even talk that charges of fraud might be brought there has been a lot of talk about her there is (some) talk of ... there is some talk of resuming negotiations in May There is some talk of making him a manager there had been some talk of an imminent breakthrough There was some talk of a court-martial, but in the end he got off with a warning
to be the talk of the town ser la comidilla de la ciudad; estar en boca de todos
she's the talk of the town
5 (remarks)
that's the kind of talk we could do without esos comentarios sobran; careless talk costs lives las palabras dichas a la ligera cuestan vidas
that's not the kind of talk we want around here
6 (speech, language) lenguaje (m)
children's talk lenguaje (m) infantil or de niños
7 (hot air) palabrería (f); cuento (m)
it's just talk es pura palabrería; es todo cuento; he'll never give up smoking, he's all talk nunca va a dejar de fumar, mucho hablar pero luego nada or no es más que un cuentista
don't take any notice of him; I know he sounds angry but it's just talk how much of this has actually been tried here? or is it just talk? it's [all] talk and no action
he's all talk and no action ¿ése? ¡mucho ruido y pocas nueces!; habla mucho pero no hace nada
conditions should be laid down - otherwise it's all talk
intransitive verb
1 (speak) hablar
she can't talk yet aún no sabe hablar; can you talk a little more slowly? ¿podría hablar un poquito más despacio?; a doll that can talk una muñeca que habla; it's easy for you to talk para ti es fácil hablar; he talks too much habla demasiado; she never stops talking no deja or para de hablar
he was too distressed to talk the boys all began to talk at once
I wasn't talking about you no hablaba de ti
he doesn't know what he's talking about no sabe de qué habla; everyone's talking about him anda en boca de todos; it's the most talked-about film this year es la película más comentada del año; we're talking about a potentially enormous loss here estamos hablando de una pérdida potencialmente enorme; talk about rich! he's absolutely loaded ¡vaya que si es rico! ¡está forrado! (informal); talk about a stroke of luck! ¡qué suerte!
Did you see the film last night? \Talk about laugh! I've never laughed so much in my life\
to talk big darse importancia; fanfarronear
you [can] [can't] talk
"and she's so untidy around the house" — "you can talk! or look who's talking!" —y además, es tan desordenada en casa —¡mira quién habla! or —¡mira quién fue a hablar!
now you're talking! ¡así se habla!
talking [of] cleaning ...
talking of films, have you seen ...? hablando de películas, ¿has visto ...?
talking of marriage, did you know that Jill's getting married again? talking of cleaning, it's about time you did the windows, isn't it?
don't talk to your mother like that! ¡no le hables así a tu madre!
I'm not talking to him any more ya no me hablo con él
I suppose you could say that dolphins talk to each other they talk [with] their eyes
the way you talk you'd think this was all my fault! ¡oyéndote hablar cualquiera diría que toda la culpa es mía!
money talks poderoso caballero es don dinero; el dinero todo lo puede
talk of the devil! ¡hablando del rey de Roma...!
to talk through one's hat decir tonterías
to talk through one's arse
2 (converse) hablar; platicar; (Méx)to con
we talked all night nos pasamos toda la noche hablando; I was only talking to her last week si justo estuve hablando con ella la semana pasada; stop talking! ¡callaos!; ¡dejad de hablar!; she had no one to talk to no tenía con quién hablar; who were you talking to on the phone just now? ¿con quién hablabas (por teléfono) ahora mismo?; were you talking to me? ¿me hablas a mí?
stop talking in class! I talked to him yesterday
to talk to o.s. hablar solo
to talk about sth/sb hablar de algo/algn
they talked about old times hablaron de los viejos tiempos; I don't want to talk about it no quiero hablar de ello
I'd rather we didn't talk about it if it helps to talk about it, feel free we were talking about American food
the sort of person who talks at you rather than to you el tipo de persona que habla mucho pero no escucha nada
to get talking ponerse a hablar; entablar conversación
we got talking at the bus stop one day and six months later we were married
to keep sb talking dar charla a algn para entretenerlo; entretener a algn hablando
it was easy to talk with her era fácil hablar con ella
I can talk with you - you make me feel more relaxed I never get a chance to talk with him I hope to talk with the patient and try to help her through We'll also talk with former hostage Thomas Sutherland and his wife
3 (have discussion) hablar; hablar seriamente
we really need to talk tenemos que hablar (seriamente); the two sides need to sit down and talk las dos partes necesitan reunirse para hablar (seriamente); GA and Fox Ltd might be talking puede que GA y Fox Ltd estén manteniendo negociaciones
you need to talk to a counsellor
to talk (to sb) about sth discutir algo (con algn); the two companies are talking about a possible merger las dos empresas están discutiendo or negociando una posible fusión
have you talked to them about the water problem? we're talking to some people about opening an office in London
4 (gossip) hablar;about de
people will talk la gente hablará or murmurará
5 (lecture) dar una charla; hablar;about, on de, sobre
he'll be talking on his life in India dará una charla sobre su vida en la India; hablará de or sobre su vida en la India
he'll be talking about the concept of honour in "Blood Wedding" he talked on his life in India she'll talk on the issues she cares passionately about
6 (reveal information) hablar
we have ways of making you talk sabemos cómo hacerle hablar
under torture, they soon talked don't worry, I'll get him to talk
transitive verb
1 (speak) hablar
they were talking Arabic hablaban (en) árabe; we're talking big money here estamos hablando de mucho dinero; she talked herself hoarse habló tanto que se quedó afónica
to talk nonsensetalk rubbish decir tonterías
to talk sense hablar con juicio or sensatez
to talk the hind legs off a donkey hablar por los codos (informal)
Archie can talk the hind leg off a donkey
2 (discuss) hablar de
we were talking politics/business hablábamos de política/negocios
to talk business
to talk shop hablar del trabajo
3 (persuade)
to talk sb into doing sth convencer a algn de que haga algo
I was a fool to have let her talk me into it fui idiota por dejarle convencerme; ok! you've talked me into it ¡vale! me has convencido; I talked myself into believing it yo solo me terminé convenciendo de que era cierto
He talked me into marrying him. He also talked me into having a baby she talked herself into a state of righteous indignation
to talk sb out of doing sth convencer a algn de que no haga algo; disuadir a algn de que haga algo
we managed to talk him out of it conseguimos convencerle de que no lo hiciera; conseguimos disuadirle de que lo hiciera; he performed so badly in the interview he talked himself out of the job habló tan mal en la entrevista que consiguió que no le dieran el puesto
My mother tried to talk me out of getting a divorce People tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted I tried to talk myself out of a fight He let himself into my room with a pass key and threatened to rape me but I managed to talk myself out of the situation she talked her [way] into their house and stole some papers
he managed to talk his way out of a prison sentence habló de tal manera que no le condenaron a pena de cárcel
talk radio (n) radio (f) hablada
I listen to talk radio every day ...the most popular talk radio show in Los Angeles ...London's talk radio station, LBC
talk show (n) (Rad) (TV) programa (m) de entrevistas
Verb Conjugations for hablar
Gerund: hablando
Participle: hablado
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