Talent in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. talento (m) dotes (f pl) (ability); talento (m) (person with ability)
  • talent scout or spotter (Mus & Sport) cazatalentos (sustantivo masculino invariable)
2. ganado (m) titis (mfpl) (familiar) (attractive people) (británico)
talent [ˈtælənt]
1 (natural ability) talento (m);for para
a writer of great talent un escritor de muchísimo talento
a child with talent he's got lots of talent
to have a talent for sth: he's got a real talent for languages tiene verdadera facilidad para los idiomas; she had a talent for making people laugh tenía el don de saber hacer reír a la gente
she's proud that both her children have a talent for music a talent for cooking
2 (talented people) gente (f) capaz; gente (f) de talento
we risk a major loss of talent to overseas jobs
(talented person) talento (m)
he's a natural talent
he encourages young talent promociona a los jóvenes talentos; he watches for talent at away matches busca jugadores de talento en los partidos fuera de casa
3 (opposite sex) tíosastías (m) (f) buenosasbuenas (informal);as tías as buenas material (informal)
there's not much talent here tonight aquí no hay mucho donde escoger esta noche; aquí no hay material (informal); to eye up the talent pasar revista a lo que se ofrece (informal); comprobar el material (informal)
he went down to the club to eye up the talent
4 (Hist) (coin, weight) talento (m)
talent contest (n) concurso (m) de talentos
talent scout talent spotter (n) cazatalentos (m)
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