1. (story) 
a. el cuento (M) 
We're publishing a new collection of folk tales for children.Vamos a publicar una nueva colección de cuentos folklóricos para niños.
I'll tell you a tale of a faraway land.Les contaré la historia de una tierra lejana.
c. el relato (M) 
I'm teaching a short course on American fantastic tales next semester.El próximo semestre doy un curso sobre relatos fantásticos norteamericanos.
2. (lie) 
a. el cuento (M) 
Stop telling tales; I know exactly where you went yesterday.Déjate de cuentos, sé exactamente dónde estuviste ayer.
You tell so many tales that I can't trust you.Cuentas tantas patrañas que no puedo confiar en ti.
c. el chisme (M) 
Gloria told me her husband is taking her to Paris. - You can't believe any of her tales.Gloria me dijo que su marido la iba llevar a París. - No se pueden creer nada de sus chismes.
1. (story) 
a. la historia (F) 
2. (legend) 
a. el cuento (M) 
she lived to tell the talevivió para contarlo
3. (lie) 
a. la cuento m, patraña (F) 
to tell tales (about somebody)contar patrañas (sobre alguien)
tale [teɪl]
1 (story) cuento (m); historia (f)
he told us the tale of his adventures nos contó sus aventuras; he had quite a tale to tell vaya historia que tenía para contar; it tells its own tale habla por sí solo
a collection of poems, stories and folk tales the plot is woven around several different tales the media have been filled with tales of horror and loss a property analyst, full of cheery tales about soaring share prices the lack of evidence tells a tale
Tales of King Arthur Leyendas (f) del Rey Arturo
the Canterbury Tales
sound the alarm, or we shan't live to tell the tale toca el timbre, o no salimos vivos de esto; toca el timbre, o no lo contamos; few people get caught in an avalanche and live to tell the tale muy poca gente sobrevive una avalancha
you lived to tell the tale this time but who knows how far you can push your luck she was dragged before the managing director, yet lived to tell the tale
2 (fabrication) cuento (m); patraña (f)
to tell tales (out of school) (inform) chivarse; chismear
you can't keep anything secret around her, she always tells tales to her mother teachers hate children who tell tales about their friends
(fib) contar cuentos
David's mother was worried because he was always telling her tales.
Phrases with "tale"
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de cuento de hadas
fairy tale
el cuento de hadas
tale as old as time
cuento tan viejo como el tiempo
The Handmaid's Tale
El cuento de la criada
tale is a conjugated form of the verb talar - View Conjugation
transitive verb
1. (to chop down) 
La constructora ordenó talar todos los árboles de la zona.The building company ordered to cut down all the trees in the area.
b. to fell 
The ecologists persuaded the government not to fell the oldest tree in the city.Los ecologistas convencieron al gobierno de no talar el árbol más antiguo de la ciudad.
2. (clothing) 
Los curas llevan unas sotanas talares durante la misa.Priests wear full-length robes during mass.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to fell 
transitive verb
1 [+árbol] to fell; cut down
2 (devastar) to lay waste; devastate
3 (podar) to prune
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