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1. absorción (f) adquisición (f) (comercio) (of company)
  • takeover bidoferta (f) pública de adquisición (de acciones), OPA (f)
2. ocupación (f) (política)
takeover [ˈteɪkˌəʊvəʳ]
1 (Comm) [of company] adquisición (f); compra (f)
the takeover of company A by company Z in practice, hostile takeovers are rare
2 (Pol) [of new government] toma (f) de posesión; [of new premier] entrada (f) en funciones
3 (Mil) (coup) toma (f) del poder
against the liberal takeover of the women's liberation movement Madrid's politics could soon be ripe for a takeover by Catalans
military takeover golpe (m) de estado
takeover bid (n) oferta (f) pública de adquisición (de acciones); OPA (f)
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