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take away

take away
verbo transitivo con partícula
1. quitar (remove), sacar (Am); restar (from de)
  • the men are coming to t away the rubbish tomorrow (Math) los hombres vendrán a llevarse la basura mañana
  • to t something away from somebody quitar or sacar algo a alguien (Am)
  • to t away para llevar (food) (británico)
intransitive verb
  • to t away from the pleasure/value of something restar placer/valor a algo
take away
transitive verb
1 (remove) [+person, thing] llevarse; [+privilege] quitar; (carry away, transport) llevar
she took her children away from the school sacó a los niños del colegio
not to be taken away (on book) para consulta en sala
2 (subtract) restar
take 9 away from 12 reste 9 de 12; 7 take away 4 is 3 7 menos 4 son 3
to take away from sth
to take away from sth: this does not take away from their achievement esto no quita mérito or resta valor a su éxito; the argument took away from the joy of the occasion la discusión aguó la ocasión; putting butter on it takes away from the taste of the bread itself añadiendo mantequilla se estropea lo que es el sabor del pan
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