take away

take away
transitive verb phrase
1. (to remove) 
a. llevarse 
My cousin is coming tomorrow to take away the old furniture.Mañana viene mi primo a llevarse los muebles viejos.
b. quitar 
That gruesome scene took away my appetite.Esa escena desagradable me quitó el apetito.
c. sacar 
The government is trying to take away our freedom of speech.El gobierno intenta sacarnos el derecho a la libre expresión.
2. (mathematics) 
a. restar 
Take away 60 from 10 and you get 50.Si a 60 le restas10 te da 50.
intransitive verb phrase
3. (to remove) 
a. quitar 
They didn't play well today, but that doesn't take away from an outstanding season.Hoy no jugaron bien, pero eso no quita que han hecho una buena temporada.
4. (arrive at conculsions) 
a. aprender 
What interesting facts did you take away from the visit to the museum?¿Qué hechos interesantes aprendiste de la visita al museo?
take away
transitive verb phrase
1. (remove) 
a. quitar 
b. sacar (Latin America) 
2. (mathematics) 
a. restar 
the men are coming to t away the rubbish tomorrowlos hombres vendrán a llevarse la basura mañana
to t something away from somebodyquitar or
to t awaypara llevar
intransitive verb
3. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to t away from the pleasure/value of somethingrestar placer/valor a algo
take away
transitive verb
1 (remove) [+person, thing] llevarse; [+privilege] quitar; (carry away, transport) llevar
she took her children away from the school sacó a los niños del colegio
not to be taken away (on book) para consulta en sala
2 (subtract) restar
take 9 away from 12 reste 9 de 12; 7 take away 4 is 3 7 menos 4 son 3
to take away from sth
to take away from sth: this does not take away from their achievement esto no quita mérito or resta valor a su éxito; the argument took away from the joy of the occasion la discusión aguó la ocasión; putting butter on it takes away from the taste of the bread itself añadiendo mantequilla se estropea lo que es el sabor del pan
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