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1. etiqueta (f) (label)
  • tag question (gramática) cláusula (f) final interrogativa
2. (game)
  • to play tag jugar a pillarse or al corre que te pillo
verbo transitivo (pt & pp tagged)
3. etiquetar (label)
tag [tæɡ]
1 (label) etiqueta (f); marbete (m); (on shoelace) herrete (m); (for identification) chapa (f); (surveillance device) etiqueta (f) personal de control
name tag etiqueta (f) de identificación
2 (game)
to play tag jugar al cogecoge or a la pega; (LAm)
3 (cliché) tópico (m); dicho (m); lugar (m) común; (catchword) muletilla (f); (quotation) cita (f) trillada; (proverb) refrán (m)
4 (Ling) (also tag question) cláusula (f) final interrogativa
transitive verb
1 (follow) seguirle la pista a
2 (describe) [+person] poner una etiqueta a
3 [+criminal] controlar electrónicamente
intransitive verb
to tag after sb seguir a algn
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