1. (furniture) 
a. la mesa (F) 
They want to buy a table and six chairs for the dining room.Quieren comprar una mesa y seis sillas para el comedor.
2. (seated individuals) 
a. la mesa (F) 
The waiter took the order from our table.El camarero tomó nota de nuestra mesa.
3. (chart) 
a. la tabla (F) 
My daughter is learning her multiplication tables at school.Mi hija está aprendiendo sus tablas de multiplicar en la escuela.
The periodic table shows the chemical elements.La tabla periódica muestra los elementos químicos.
4. (for negotiations) 
a. la mesa (F) 
The lawyer put the offer on the table, but the client declined it.El abogado puso una propuesta sobre la mesa, pero el cliente la rechazó.
5. (geography) 
a. la meseta (F) 
Madrid is located on a high table in the center of Spain.Madrid está situada en una alta meseta en el corazón de España.
6. (sports) 
a. la liga (F) 
Our team is leading the table.Nuestro equipo lidera la liga.
The three teams at the foot of the table will be relegated.Los últimos tres equipos de la clasificación descenderán.
7. (food) 
a. la mesa (F) 
My parents' Christmas table was always an extravagant affair.La mesa navideña de mis padres siempre fue un evento extravagante.
transitive verb
8. (to postpone) (United States) 
a. postergar 
Why don't we table this matter until the next meeting?¿Por qué no postergamos este tema hasta la próxima reunión?
b. posponer 
The discussion about the passage of the bill was tabled for a later date.La discusión sobre la adopción del proyecto de ley se pospuso para una fecha posterior.
9. (to propose) (United Kingdom) 
a. presentar 
They wanted to table the bill, but could not summon the necessary support.Querían presentar el proyecto de ley, pero no pudieron conseguir el apoyo necesario.
10. (to list) 
Would you rather we table the data, or graph it?¿Prefieres que presentemos los datos en forma de tabla, o en forma de gráfico?
b. tabular 
Table the names and telephone numbers of the students going on the field trip.Tabula los nombres y números de teléfono de los alumnos que van a la excursión.
1. (furniture) 
a. la mesa (F) 
to lay or set the tableponer la mesa
to clear the tablerecoger la mesa
at tablea la mesa
table dancingstriptease m
table lamplámpara de mesa
table linenmantelería f
table mannersmodales (en la mesa)
table matsalvamanteles m inv
table saltsal de mesa
table tennisping-pong m, tenis de mesa
table winevino de mesa
2. (of facts, figures) 
a. la tabla (F) 
(league) tabletabla de) clasificación (de la liga
table of contentsíndice m
3. (mathematics) 
a. no direct translation 
twelve times tabletabla (de multiplicar) del doce
4. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
the offer is still on the tablela oferta está aún sobre la mesa
to turn the tables on somebodycambiarle or volverle las tornas a alguien
transitive verb
5. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
table [ˈteɪbl]
1 (piece of furniture) mesa (f)
I'd like a table for two, please (quiero) una mesa para dos, por favor; kitchen table mesa (f) de cocina
they were at table when we arrived (formal) estaban sentados a la mesa cuando llegamos
don't read at the table no leas en la mesa
she was bad-mannered at table they lingered at table after the evening meal More than half of all adults have their main meals at table on most occasions my parents would not allow us to talk at the table Many people might find it hard to sit at table with a man who was publishing a novel about their relationship with a former lover Who were the others at your table?
you will join us at our table, won't you? se sentará (a la mesa) con nosotros ¿verdad?
all the women around the table nodded understandingly a table for two, three etc
to clear the table quitar or recoger or levantar la mesa
to lay the table poner la mesa
why isn't dinner on the table? ¿por qué no está servida la cena?
to set the table poner la mesa
to sit down to table sentarse a la mesa
to do sth under the table
under the table
I'll be under the table if I have any more wine si bebo más vino me voy a caer redondo or no voy a tenerme en pie; he was accepting money under the table aceptaba dinero bajo cuerda or bajo mano
there is not one hint that anything was done under the table, illegally, surreptitiously athletes sometimes cheated, sometimes lied, took money under the table, missed their races to drink sb under the table Don't take him on - he could drink you under the table any day
to get one's feet under the table hacerse un hueco (informal)
It's just a question of getting your feet under the table
to turn the tables dar la vuelta a la tortilla
to turn the tables on sb volver las tornas a or contra algn
Angry because Hitler had failed to inform him before invading France, Mussolini decided to turn the tables by launching an invasion of Greece without telling the Germans Their determination and undying belief in themselves gave them the vision and courage to grasp their political destinies and turn the tables on the male politicians who tried to use them as temporary stopgaps often, it is easy for the violent or abusive wife to turn the tables, pointing the finger at her husband as the aggressor, taking the attention totally away from herself
2 (people at table) mesa (f)
the entire table was in fits of laughter when the whole table was seated nobody started eating until the whole table was seated our table was always the best at Whist
3 (food) mesa (f)
he set out for them a rich table, as much wine as they craved a [good] table there's more to a good table than good food
to keep a good table tener buena mesa
they must have entertained quite a lot when the going was good. I'd guess she kept a good table
4 (for discussion) mesa (f) de negociaciones
he managed to get all the parties around the table consiguió que todos los interesados se sentaran a la mesa de negociaciones
they have succeeded in getting all the parties around a table it might get all the sides around the table to negotiate wage agreements to sit around round the table (with sb) we're going to have to sit around the table with the unions and come up with a solution Peters was the man who could sit around the table with members of the board and talk with them
to put sth on the table (Britain) poner algo sobre el tapete
there are two proposals on the table hay dos propuestas sobre el tapete; they're willing to put 12 million dollars on the table to get this company están dispuestos a pagar 12 millones de dólares para conseguir esta empresa
the marketing manager was anxious to put his idea on the table as soon as possible there is no formal offer on the table yet it depends how much money is on the table we will put that on the table for later
round table mesa (f) redonda
5 (chart) tabla (f); cuadro (m)
a table of the top 12 best and worst performers una tabla or un cuadro de los 12 mejores y los 12 peores
In their table of sports' biggest earners Agassi came ninth A table of the top three earners in each of the 12 New York utilities revealed that very few get big bonuses, and many received no bonus at all a table of the top 12 best and worst performers in the NHS here is a table of calorie levels for favourite Chinese dishes. spare ribs (each) 140; butterfly prawns in batter 365; crab and sweetcorn soup 155 one large prawn cracker 15
table of contents índice (m) de materias
6 (Mat) (also multiplication table) tabla (f) de multiplicar
the eleven-times table la tabla (de multiplicar) del once
he learned his (multiplication) tables
7 (Dep) (also league table) liga (f); clasificación (f)
they're fourth in the league table
8 (Geog) (also water table) capa (f) freática;(also tableland) meseta (f); altiplano (m); (LAm)
transitive verb
1 (Britain) (propose) [+motion, amendment] presentar
to table a [motion]
2 (US) (postpone) aplazar; posponer
we'll table that for later
table dancing (n) striptease (m) en pasarela or en barra
...the right place to introduce table dancing to Britain a table-dancing club
table football (n) futbolín (m)
table lamp (n) lámpara (f) de mesa
table leg (n) pata (f) de mesa
a licence authorising the sale of alcoholic drinks with meals only
table linen (n) mantelería (f)
table manners (n) comportamiento (m) en la mesa; modales (m) en la mesa
Table Mountain (n) Montaña (f) de la Tabla
table napkin (n) servilleta (f)
table runner (n) tapete (m)
table runners 13 inches wide to any length
table salt (n) sal (f) de mesa
table setting (n) cubierto (m); servicio (m)
table talk (n) sobremesa (f); conversación (f) de sobremesa
table tennis (n) ping-pong (m); pimpón (m); tenis (m) de mesa
table wine (n) vino (m) de mesa
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