1. (quickly) 
The army descended swiftly into the valley, where it camped for the night.El ejército descendió rápidamente hasta el valle, donde acampó para pasar la noche.
The river runs swiftly among the rocks.El río discurre con rapidez por entre las rocas.
The cyclist weaved swiftly between the cars.El ciclista zigzagueaba velozmente entre los coches.
2. (without delay) 
If we don't act swiftly, we're going to have a major problem on our hands.Si no actuamos con prontitud, vamos a tener un problema serio.
You always need to respond swiftly to customer concerns.Hay que responder siempre con rapidez a los clientes cuando estos expresan sus intereses o inquietudes.
1. (move) 
a. velozmente, rápidamente 
2. (react) 
a. con rapidez, con prontitud 
swiftly [ˈswɪftlɪ]
[+run] rápidamente; velozmente; [+react, act] con prontitud; rápidamente; [+become, walk] rápidamente; [+spread, rise, flow] con rapidez
events have moved swiftly los acontecimientos se han desencadenado con rapidez; the company has moved or acted swiftly to deny the rumours la empresa ha actuado con prontitud para desmentir los rumores
this flash of brilliance was swiftly followed by disaster
for most of them, death came swiftly para casi todos, la muerte llegó repentinamente; a swiftly flowing river un río de corriente rápida
Watson rose swiftly to the rank of detective Rumours about the deaths [spread] swiftly He rose swiftly [to his feet] China has [reacted] swiftly to the news to act move swiftly to do sth
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