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1. dulce (m) caramelo (m) (confectionery) (británico); postre (m) (dessert)
  • sweet shop confitería (f)
2. dulce (taste, wine); fragante (smell); suave, dulce (sound)
  • to taste sweet saber dulce
  • as sweet as honey dulce como la miel
  • the sweet smell of success (sentido figurado) las mieles del éxito
  • to have a sweet tooth ser goloso(a)
  • sweet chestnut castaño (m)
  • sweet pea (botánica) guisante (m) de olor
  • sweet potato batata (f) , boniato (m) (español de España, español de Cuba , español de Uruguay), camote (m) (CAm, español de México)
  • sweet william (botánica) minutisa (f)
3. rico(a), mono(a) (charming)
  • that's very sweet of you eres muy amable
  • to whisper sweet nothings to somebody susurrar palabras de amor a alguien
sweet [swiːt]
sweeter (comparative)sweetest (superlative)
1 (sugary) [+taste, drink, food] dulce
a cup of hot, sweet tea
this coffee is too sweet este café está demasiado dulce
the sweet taste of wild strawberries
a glass of sweet white wine una copa de vino blanco dulce
bananas are used in many sweet and savoury dishes I managed to stick to the diet and keep off sweet foods
I love sweet things me encanta lo dulce; me encantan las cosas dulces
don't let your children eat too many sweet things
are those pies sweet or savoury? esos pasteles, ¿son dulces o salados?
sweet and sour agridulce
to taste sweet tener un sabor dulce
the beer was sweet to the taste la cerveza tenía un gusto dulce
to have a sweet tooth
2 (agreeable) [+smell, perfume] agradable; [+sound] melodioso; dulce
the sweet sounds of Mozart the sweet delights of love they didn't taste even the sweet success of a draw until 9 March 1932
sweet dreams! (Britain) (gen) que duermas bien; (to child) ¡que sueñes con los angelitos!
Good night, Mandy. Sweet dreams. Life is sweet at the moment
to smell sweet tener un olor fragante or aromático
the sweet smell of success las mieles del éxito
the sweet taste of victory el dulce sabor de la victoria
camomile leaves your hair smelling sweet and fragrant As well as smelling sweet and fresh, these perfumes are good for your emotional well-being she's baked some bread which made the air smell sweet to be sweet to sb's ears she used arguments that were sweet to his ears the win was sweet music to my ears
the news was sweet music to my ears la noticia fue música celestial para mis oídos
to whisper sweet nothings in sb's ear/to sb decirle cariñitos a algn al oído
she complains that a senior officer has been whispering sweet nothings in her ear and trying to lure her out for an after-hours drink instead of spending the afternoon whispering sweet nothings to his bride, Andy had to get on a plane to Rome he was not whispering sweet nothings but describing sewage systems
[revenge] is sweet! ¡la dulce venganza!
3 (gentle, kind) [+nature, smile] dulce; [+face] dulce; lindo; especially (LAm)
he was a sweet man, but when he drank he tended to quarrel she has such a sweet nature
she is a very sweet person es un verdadero encanto; es una persona muy linda; (LAm)
you're such a sweet guy! you're such a sweet guy!
that's very sweet of you es muy amable de tu parte; ¡qué amable!; how sweet of you to think of me! ¡qué detalle acordarte de mí!
she has a sweet face she gave him a sweet smile and was gone
to keep sb sweet tener a algn contento
they're campaigning for higher prices simply to keep their farmers sweet
sweet Jesus! ¡Dios Bendito! (very_informal)
Sweet Jesus, Pete. I can't move my hands
to be sweet to sb ser bueno con algn
my grandparents were very sweet to me
to do sweet Fanny Adams or sweet F.A.
politicians do sweet Fanny Adams or sweet F.A. (Britain) los políticos no hacen más que tocarse las narices (very_informal)
4 (enchanting) [+child, animal, house, hat] mono; lindo; especially (LAm)
a sweet little baby girl
he was a sweet little boy ¡era un niñito tan mono!
what a sweet little dress!
what a sweet little puppy! ¡qué perrito más or tan mono!
goodbye, sweet little terrace house where we've been so happy to [be] sweet ser precioso > lindísimo
the cottage was really sweet la casita era monísima or una monada or lindísima; especially (LAm)
5 (fresh) [+water] dulce
a stream of sweet water
[+air] fresco
I gulped a breath of sweet air \COB2
[+breath] sano
sweet milk leche fresca
to do sth in one's own sweet time hacer algo a su aire; hacer algo cuando le parece a uno
he'll do it in his own sweet time the guards still hadn't come out of the blockhouse with their papers; they were taking their own sweet time
to go one's own sweet way ir a su aire
he carried on in his own sweet way siguió a su aire
she went her own sweet way to please one's own sweet self
to be sweet on sb estar colado por algn (informal)
I think she's rather sweet on her new maths teacher He asked about you. I think he's still sweet on you
1 especially (Britain) (piece of confectionery) [of any sort] golosina (f); (boiled sweet, toffee) caramelo (m)
2 (Britain) (dessert) postre (m)
my sweet mi cielo (informal)
I am so proud of you, my sweet! come here, (my) sweet
the sweets of success las mieles del éxito; the sweets of solitude el encanto de la soledad
sweet basil (n) albahaca (f)
sweet bay (n) laurel (m)
sweet cherry (n) cereza (f) dulce
sweet chestnut (n) castaño (m) dulce
sweet pea (n) guisante (m) de olor; clarín (m); (Chile)
sweet pepper (n) pimiento (m) (dulce)
sweet potato (n) batata (f); boniato (m); camote (m); (LAm)
sweet shop (n) (Britain) tienda (f) de chucherías; dulcería (f); especially (LAm)
sweet talk (n) zalamerías (f)
sweet tooth (n)
to have a sweet tooth ser goloso
sweet trolley (n) carrito (m) de los postres
sweet william (n) minutisa (f)
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