Sweep in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. barrido (m) (action)barrida (f) (Am)
  • to give the floor a sweep barrer el suelo
  • at one sweep (sentido figurado) de una pasada
  • to make a clean sweep (sentido figurado) quitar de en medio personal; (replace staff) arrasar (of prizes)
2. (movement)
  • with a sweep of the arm moviendo el brazo extendido
3. extensión (f) (extent) (of land, knowledge); curva (f) (of road, river)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp swept [swept])
4. barrer (floor, street); deshollinar (chimney)
  • a wave swept him overboard lo arrastró una ola y cayó al mar
5. (idioms)
  • to sweep something under the carpet soterrar algo
  • to sweep the board arrasar (in competition)
  • the latest craze to sweep the country la última moda que está haciendo furor en todo el país
  • he swept her off her feet (sentido figurado) se enamoró perdidamente de él
intransitive verb
6. barrer (with broom)
7. (move rapidly)
  • to sweep in/out entrar/salir con gallardía
  • to sweep to power subir al poder de forma arrasadora
sweep [swiːp] swept (past)
transitive verb
1 [+place, area] (clean) [+floor, room, street] barrer; [+chimney] deshollinar
the owner of the store was sweeping his floor when I walked in to sweep (out) a room Many others ended up sweeping the streets or working as porters
have you had your chimney swept lately? ¿te han deshollinado la chimenea recientemente?
the hearth had been swept [clean]
the floor had been swept clean el suelo estaba limpio porque lo habían barrido
(touch) rozar
her long dress swept the ground as she walked su vestido largo rozaba el suelo al caminar
(spread through) [+disease, idea, craze] arrasar; [+rumours] correr por; extenderse por
the flood of anti-Comunist feeling sweeping the country
the cycling craze sweeping the nation la locura del ciclismo que está arrasando el país
anti-government riots swept the country a polio epidemic that swept the country in the 1950s rumours of a prospective settlement swept the building
(lash) [+storm, rain, waves] azotar; barrer
torrential storms swept the country tormentas torrenciales azotaron or barrieron el país; the beach was swept by great waves olas gigantescas azotaron or barrieron la playa
driving wind and rain swept the south coast
(scan) [+searchlight, eyes] recorrer
helicopters with searchlights swept the park which was sealed off he watched the searchlights sweep the predawn sky her eyes swept the room, searching for her friend
he swept the horizon with his binoculars recorrió el horizonte con sus prismáticos
as he swept the darkness with a beam of light it suddenly illuminated a figure standing close to him
(search) peinar
to sweep the sea for mines dragar el mar en busca de minas
2 (move) (with brush)
to sweep sth [into] sth
she was sweeping crumbs into a dustpan estaba recogiendo las migas con una escoba y un recogedor
the autumn leaves had been swept into huge piles
she swept the snow into a heap barrió la nieve y la amontonó
to sweep sth [off] sth
he swept the leaves off the path barrió las hojas del camino
to sweep sth under the carpet (Britain)
sweep sth under the rug (US)
ocultar algo
(with hand, arm)
she swept her hair back with a flick of her wrist se echó el pelo hacia atrás con un movimiento rápido de muñeca
her hair was swept back in a ponytail tenía el pelo peinado hacia atrás en una cola de caballo
stylish ways of sweeping your hair off your face Her hair was swept back, softly bouffant, crowned by a white lace headdress
the curtains were swept back in an elegant fashion las cortinas estaban recogidas con elegancia
to sweep sth [into] sth
he swept the stamps into a box recogió los sellos en una caja
He swept all his coins back into the box "thanks friend", he said, while sweeping the money into his pocket she swept the hairs into a bag
to sweep sb into one's arms coger or tomar a algn en brazos
she swept Peter into his arms and ran to raise the alarm He was swept up in a huge bearhug by his triumphant lawyer to sweep sth [off] sth he swept a hair [off] his jacket With a gesture of frustration, she swept the cards off from the table
I swept the rainwater off the bench with my hand quité el agua de la lluvia del banco con la mano
to sweep sth [onto] the floor Glen swept the junk off the top of his locker onto the floor
she was swept along by the crowdthe crowd swept her along la multitud la arrastró
to be swept along by or on a wave of sth dejarse llevar por una ola de algo
the trade union movement was swept along by the same tidal wave of patriotism they were swept along by the fast-flowing currents of fashion \it was easy to be swept along on the euphoria\ engendered by the pioneer spirit
landslides that swept cars into the sea corrimientos de tierra que arrastraron coches hasta el mar
the election which swept Labour into office or power las elecciones en la que los laboristas arrasaron haciéndose con el poder
the water swept him off his feet la fuerza del agua lo derribó
he swept her off her feet la conquistó totalmente; they swept him off to lunch se lo llevaron a comer apresuradamente
the gale swept the caravan [over] the cliff
a wave swept him overboard una ola lo arrastró por encima de la borda
to sweep all before one arrasar con todo
Manchester United continue to sweep all before them she is convinced that Britain's comeback couple will once again sweep all before them although nobody reasonably expects Brundle to sweep all before him in the opening race of the season after a mere 65 test laps he knows he must win this season or risk oblivion The Movimiento sweeps all before it and there is no human force that can stop it a brand of nationalism that threatens to sweep all before it
3 (win decisively) [+election] arrasar en
Indira Ghandi swept the 1971 election
to sweep the board (win prizes) arrasar con todo
the socialists swept the board at the election los socialistas arrasaron en las elecciones
intransitive verb
1 (clean) barrer
she spent the day cooking, cleaning and sweeping
2 (spread) [+violence, disease, storm]
the violence which swept across Punjab la violencia que arrasó el Punjab
storms swept [across] the region the rain swept across the plain
the storm which swept over the country la tormenta que arrasó el país
cold winds swept [over] the treeless plains a disease that swept [through] southern Italy
plague swept through the country la peste arrasó el país
Hurricane Bob swept [up] the east coast
[+fire, smoke]
the fire swept rapidly through the forest el fuego se propagó or extendió rápidamente por el bosque
thick smoke swept through their home una densa humareda se propagó or extendió por la casa
a great wave of anger swept over me me invadió una gran oleada de ira
panic swept through the city en la ciudad cundió el pánico
3 (move) [+crowd, procession]
an angry crowd swept along the main thoroughfare una multitud airada avanzaba por la calle principal
(majestically) [+person, car]
to sweep past/in/out pasar/entrar/salir majestuosamente
Mrs Parsons swept in wearing a beautiful silk skirt the Chief turned and swept out she swept past
to sweep into or out of a place entrar/salir de un sitio majestuosamente
as he swept into the plush Knightsbridge hotel Monty and the smug-faced page swept out of the room the royal car swept [down] the avenue el coche real bajó majestuosamente por la avenida as the limousine swept [past]
(quickly) [+vehicle, convoy]
the planes went sweeping [across] the sky los aviones pasaron por el cielo a toda velocidad
the convoy swept along the road la caravana pasó por la carretera a toda velocidad
the car swept [round] the corner
to sweep into power arrasar haciéndose con el poder
when the Communists swept into power 12 years ago
4 (stretch) [+land, water]
the bay sweeps away to the south la bahía se extiende (majestuosamente) hacia el sur
the hills/woods sweep down to the sea las colinas/los bosques bajan (majestuosamente) hacia el mar
1 (with broom, brush) barrido (m); barrida (f)
the floor/the kitchen could do with a sweep al suelo/a la cocina le hace falta un barrido or una barrida
to give sth a sweep darle un barrido or una barrida a algo
I must give the hall a sweep
2 (Britain)(also chimney sweep) deshollinadoradeshollinadora (m) (f);a deshollinadora
if you still use open fires, get a sweep to call regularly
3 (movement) [of pendulum] movimiento (m); [of scythe] golpe (m); [of beam] trayectoria (f); [of events, progress, history] marcha (f)
with a sweep of his arm con un amplio movimiento del brazo
with one sweep of his scythe, he cleared all the nettles con un golpe de guadaña hizo desaparecer todas las ortigas
with one sweep of his arm, Roger cleared the papers off the table with one sweep of her hands she threw back the sheets he shoved the tray off the table and on to the floor with one sweep of his arm
with a sweep of her hand she indicated the desk extendió la mano indicando el pupitre con un gesto amplio
Plans for a superscanner which can add up all items in a trolley in one sweep were unveiled last week he decapitated hundreds of nettles with each sweep of the scythe each sweep of the beam produces an image and takes only one twentieth of a second individuals whose lives are caught up in the sweep of historical events the sweep of events which culminated in the First World War she did not bother to keep up with the news, so the sweep of events which culminated in the Dunkirk evacuation seemed to come out of the blue a small phase in the broad sweep of history he was trying to summarize the sweep of recent American history the whole sweep of German political history the struggle against Israel will be just a small phase in the broad sweep of history
4 (search) (for criminals, drugs) batida (f); rastreo (m)
there maybe be periodic police sweeps of crime in the area Yesterday the police said it was hopeless to continue the search after fruitless house-to-house inquiries and an unproductive second sweep of the area from which he vanished many had been hoping for some sort of comprehensive sweep by the security forces to net the men of violence on both sides the Interior Ministry said the anti-drug sweep had netted nearly nine hundred kilogrammes of cocaine dropped by light planes from Colombia since the beginning of the year
to make a sweep: they made a sweep for hidden arms dieron una batida or hicieron un rastreo buscando armas ocultas; to make a sweep of sth (with binoculars, torch) hacer una pasada por algo; (with team of people) rastrear algo; the police began making a sweep of the premises la policía comenzó a rastrear el lugar; his eyes made a sweep of the audience paseó la mirada por el público
clean sweep
to make a clean sweep hacer tabla rasa
the company announced a clean sweep of its senior management
there will be a clean sweep of all those involved in this cover-up se hará tabla rasa con todos los que estén involucrados en esta tapadera
He planned a clean sweep of officials unresponsive to his ideas As predicted it's been a clean sweep of the old regime and there are no representatives for the former ruling Socialist party in the cabinet the government has failed to make a clean sweep of those implicated in the corruption scandal
(in competition, series of competitions)
to make a clean sweep arrasar ganándolo todo; (Cards) ganar todas las bazas
Italy could have a clean sweep in all three European competitions this season to make a clean sweep [of] trophies
it was the first club to make a clean sweep of all three trophies fue el primer club que arrasó llevándose or ganando el total de los tres trofeos
Liverpool was the first club to make a clean sweep [of] all three trophies
6 (curve, line) [of coastline, river] curva (f); [of land] extensión (f); [of staircase] trazado (m); [of long skirt, curtains] vuelo (m); [of wings] envergadura (f)
the great sweep of the bay the sweep of the hills in the distance a mighty sweep of green mountains coming down to the sea the dramatic sweep of the hills the whole sweep of the Thames at Putney she loved the sweep of the staircase that led down to the hall a wide sweep of country
a wide sweep of meadowland una gran extensión de pradera
the ground fell away in a broad sweep down to the river the sweep of her veil camino $ de entrada must be long and curving - the sort you get in front of a big country house. please check they drove up the long sweep to the front of the mansion from this terrace the steps descend to the gravel sweep
7 (range) [of telescope, gun, lighthouse, radar] alcance (m)
with a sweep of 180° con un alcance de 180°
[of views, ideas] espectro (m)
the imaginative sweep of his ideas has always inspired me
representatives from a broad sweep of left-wing opinion representantes de un amplio espectro de la izquierda
the broad sweep of opinion within South Africa as well as outside is that the solution of the country's problems must now be a matter for internal negotiation it was the historical event of a lifetime, just in its scale and sweep it gives his views a particular authority, as does the sweep of his analysis, ranging over the centuries and using a variety of sources, from novelists to anthropologists
8 (wave) [of emotion] ola (f)
he felt a sweep of concerned tenderness for her suddenly and he felt, suddenly, a sweep of painful gratitude events which led to a sweep of arrests of drug pushers
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