1. (of subject, situation) 
a. el estudio (M) 
2. (of opinions) 
a. la encuesta (F) 
3. (of building) 
a. el tasación f, peritaje (M) 
4. (of land) 
a. el estudio topográfico (M) 
transitive verb
5. (topic, subject) 
a. estudiar 
6. (building) 
a. tasar, peritar 
7. (land) 
a. medir 
survey [ˈsɜːveɪ]
1 (study) estudio (m)
to make a survey of housing in a town estudiar la situación de la vivienda en una ciudad
the council conducted a survey into the uses of farm buildings according to the survey, overall world trade has also slackened
2 (poll) encuesta (f)
a recent survey revealed that 5 million people in the UK are regularly taking tranquillizers these are the results of the first survey of public opinion since the Government's decision to rethink economic policy
to carry out or conduct a survey realizar una encuesta; they did a survey of a thousand students hicieron una encuesta a mil estudiantes
they also carried out a survey of women who were trying to slim
3 especially (Britain) [of land] inspección (f); reconocimiento (m); (in topography) medición (f); [of building, property] tasación (f); peritaje (m); (report to purchaser) informe (m) de tasación; informe (m) de peritaje
a full survey carried out by a qualified surveyor after I saw the results of the survey, I decided not to buy it
the survey said the house was in good condition a (full) structural survey
to have a survey done (of property) mandar hacer una tasación
4 (general view) visión (f) global; vista (f) de conjunto
a survey of English literature
he gave a general survey of the situation dio una visión global or de conjunto de la situación
a survey of the nation's hospitals a brief survey of some important books on astrology he sniffed the perfume she wore, then gave her a quick survey
transitive verb
1 (contemplate) contemplar; mirar
he surveyed the desolate scene miró detenidamente la triste escena; he was master of all he surveyed era dueño de todo cuanto alcanzaba a dominar con la vista
they stood back and surveyed their handiwork he sighed, turning away and surveying the sea Shirley Anne wept as \she surveyed the damage to her house for a moment Hugh stared down at the table, surveying the mess Wolfe appeared at the door, surveyed the scene, then strode in he stood there for a moment, pretending to survey the names on the list Prue beamed, surveying her guests
2 (study) estudiar; hacer un estudio de
the report surveys housing in Glasgow el informe estudia la situación de la vivienda en Glasgow
you've been in Kuwait since March surveying the situation. How bad is it? Clarke concludes, after surveying the literature on early experience, that children are far more resilient than has been supposed
3 (poll) [+person, group] encuestar; [+town] hacer una encuesta en; pulsar la opinión de; [+reactions] sondear
95% of those surveyed believed that ... el 95% de los encuestados creía que ...
companies incessantly survey their customers' reactions to the services they provide in five of the villages that were surveyed, non-farm work provided one quarter of their income
4 (inspect) [+building] inspeccionar
the people who surveyed the house for the mortgage
[+land] hacer un reconocimiento de; (in topography) medir;
(map) [+town] levantar el plano de
the council commissioned geological experts to survey the cliffs he had had the land surveyed from a helicopter Shell has spent about $80m surveying the sea near Sakhalin Island
5 (take general view of) pasar revista a
the book surveys events up to 1972 el libro pasa revista a los sucesos acaecidos hasta 1972
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